Prodigal Son Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Prodigal Son Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

People haven’t been wondering if the popular drama series Prodigal Son will ever come back for another season or if it will be cancelled for good.

There have been a few updates about the Prodigal Son that have been going around the internet. Read this article to the end to find out if the drama series Prodigal Son is getting renewed or cancelled.

Right now, there is no official word on whether or not Prodigal Son will have a third season. If it does happen, we’ll let you know on our website.

Prodigal Son Season 3 Release Date:

Officially, Prodigal Son’s third season hasn’t been renewed yet, but once it is, the third season of Prodigal Son: Return of a Warrior will come out in early 2023.

There’s a lot to think about in the background of the process. We’ll let you know when we hear anything about the second season.

Some people think that Season 3 of Prodigal Son will start sometime in 2023, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Since it first aired on TV in 2019, Prodigal Son has rapidly grown into one of the most popular tv shows.

Prodigal Son Season 3 Trailer Release:

No return has been confirmed, so there will be no new trailer. From what we know, filming hasn’t even started yet. It looks like it will take a while.

But watch this space, because we’ll let you know right away as we find out anything.

Prodigal Son Season 3 Cast:

Since Prodigal Son season 3 hasn’t been officially announced yet, there isn’t any accurate information about who will be in it. However, if Prodigal Son ever occurs, it’s likely that the main cast will be back for season 3.

And we’ll see Tom Payne as Malcolm Bright, Lou Diamond Phillips as Gil Arroyo, Halston Sage as Ainsley Whitly, and Aurora Perrineau as Dani Powell.

In the next season of Prodigal Son, most of the main stars from the season 2 are likely to come back. Among these are:

The main character, a police officer named Malcolm Bright, is played by Thomas Payne.
Martin Whitley, Malcolm’s father, is played by Michael Sheen in the movie Good Omens. He is a serial killer.

  • Thomas Payne stars as the protagonist criminal profiler Malcolm Bright.
  • Michael Sheen (Good Omens) plays the role of Malcolm’s father, a serial killer, Martin Whitley.
  • Bellamy Young plays Malcolm’s mother, Jessica Whitly.
  • Halton Sage stars as Ainsley Whitley, Malcolm’s sister.
  • Lou Diamond Phillips plays the role of Gil Arroyo, the officer that arrested Martin Whitley
  • and a lieutenant with the NYPD. He has since been a surrogate father to Malcolm.
  • Keiko Agena (Gilmore Girls) acts as Dr. Edrisa Tanaka, a Medical Examiner with the NYPD, and she has flairs for Malcolm.

Prodigal Son Season 3 Storyline:

Prodigal Son’s second season ended on May 18, 2021. There were 13 episodes in the second season. We saw how hard Martin tried to get back to his family by leaving his dark past as a serial killer behind or moving forward.

Martin is doing his best to show his son Malcolm Bright that he has changed, but Malcolm Bright still doesn’t believe him.

So Malcolm wants his dad to torture the real serial killer they’re after to get the Truth, but Martin says no and tells Malcolm he doesn’t want to go back to the path of violence.

Even so, Malcolm Lively tries to persuade him, and he gives in. The killer is then tortured and the Truth is taken from him. The woman is saved. Because his son betrayed him by calling the police and turning him in, he tries to kill Malcolm, but Malcolm beats him.

In the finish, they did find The Woodsman and save Jeannie Larkin, but Bright still called the police on his father, and a hurt Martin went back to his old ways right away. Martin told Bright, “I was a good father.” “But you? You’ve never been a good son.”

Martin was coming towards Vibrant with a meat cleaver in his hand. At the last second, Bright turned the knife on his father and drove it into Dear Old Dad’s stomach.

When Bright’s NYPD colleagues found the men in the forest a few minutes later, Dani asked Bright, “What did you do?” when she saw his father lying on the ground.

Chris Fedak and Sam Sklaver, who worked together to make Prodigal Son, explain Martin and Bright’s last meeting, give hints about how Third season would have gone, and give an update on the show’s possible return.

During the episode, Martin took Bright to Vermont to show his son that he is not the same murderer he used to be 25 years ago.

To make that point clear, he asked Bright to help him find a killer known as “The Woodsman.” Martin thought that The Woodsman had recently taken a young woman named Jeannie Larkin hostage.

Martin might be able to show Bright that he has really changed if he can find Jeannie and stop The Woodsman.

Prodigal Son Season 3 Rating And Review:


Everyone judges a show by how many stars it has. Most of the time, the ratings are the best way to tell if a show will stay on the air. The greater the ratings, the more likely it is that you will live. The show has a positive score of 7.7/10 on IMDb, and an average audience rating of 86% on Rotten tomatoes.


It seems like every show on TV is about police, lawyers, or doctors, and many of these shows quickly become boring and repetitive.

I really like how the show stays true to its roots. At the same time, it’s sad and interesting. The plot is really interesting. Let’s keep our fingers are crossed that the trying to act will get better as the show goes on. I find it fun to watch the dad and Malcom talk to each other.

How so Many Episodes Will There Be in Season 3 of Prodigal Son?

The showrunner decided that the next season of Prodigal Son would have at least 20 episodes, just like the previous seasons. So, the next season should have at least 20 episodes.

Where Can You Watch Prodigal Son Season 1 and 2?

People were looking for OTT platforms and trying to figure out where they could watch the crime show Prodigal Son. And there are 33 occurrences and two seasons of the popular crime show Prodigal Son that can be watched on Netflix.

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