Producer of the Hoy program about to be fired

Apparently the Hoy Program is in trouble and more specifically its producer Andrea Rodríguez Doria, sister of Magda Rodríguez, since there are those who assure that she could be fired as a result of the collapse in the morning's rating.

As Angélica Palacios shared on her YouTube channel, Andrea Rodriguez He could be about to lose the reins of the most successful morning of Televisa, this because after his sister's part the rating has fallen more and more.

According to the communicator, the Today Program I had all the stars when it came to the morning in Mexico; however, the Venga La Alegría Program is already on its heels and could very soon become a real headache for the Televisa program.

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Palacios assured that Magda Rodríguez's sister could soon stop being the producer and that there are even names of those who could replace her: Nino Canún and Reynaldo López. He even stressed that these producers, who are a legend on television, are planning together with Andrea Rodríguez Doria, strategies to raise the rating of the Hoy Program.

He pointed out that before the departure of Magda Rodríguez, on November 1 of last year, the program led by Andrea Legarreta, Galilea Montijo and his companions has begun its decline. He also shared at that time that the producers complained that the producer's sister should not be the one to lead the morning, that she had less experience and that they did not want to be her assistants.

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It also transpired that Andrea Rodríguez also asked to take the reins of Guerreros 2020, a program that was also produced by her sister; however, it was denied.

Angélica Palacios said that they were seeing that Rodríguez Doria could not with one project, much less could with two, referring to Guerreros 2020.

This would not be the first time that it transpired that Magda Rodríguez's sister could be in trouble, previously it was pointed out that the producer of the Today Program he had received a strong scolding from senior Televisa executives.

According to rumors, the wake-up call for Andrea Rodríguez had been due to content that executives considered inappropriate and grotesque for the program. It was said that he was given the reins of the morning; however, he is under supervision at all times.

Apparently, Doria decided that a men's underwear fashion show should be part of the program; but according to the executives, it was not fine and they kept the images, since they had already started recording, very strong for the family schedule. Rumors indicated that the production company ended up in tears over the harsh words of the executives and withdrew the content from its plans.

Another of the moments that got Andrea into trouble was when beloved composer Armando Manzanero lost his life. The producer of the Hoy Program had decided that they would all go on vacation, which is why they left recorded programs.

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What Andrea Rodríguez did not take into account was the unexpected news, because unfortunately on December 28 last year it was revealed that Armando Manzanero had lost his life.

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It was not until a day later that the Hoy Program gave the news and a tribute to the composer; However, it was not the delay that bothered many the most, but rather the fact that the drivers in pajamas appeared in such an important and serious event for the entertainment world. There are those who assure that this fact caused another huge scolding to the producer of the morning.



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