Proposal to the host of Channel 11, with a song by the MS Band


Everything was planned, it turns out that the famous and talented host, Carla Contreras, had already finished her work shift, so she was already outside her working hours, then when the assistants of the production of News They told her that some changes had to be made, so she did not hesitate to return to the set to record the earrings, and that's when her fiancé surprised her.

In the video that, of course, has already gone viral, Carla is seen recording a capsule when suddenly the studio screens present a photograph of a couple that she identifies immediately and at the same time causes her total surprise and that is when it sounds the romantic song of the Banda MS .

Clearly the host did not count on her boyfriend proposing to her during the broadcast of the newscast on Channel Once marriage, so she was pleasantly surprised that immediately made her cry with happiness.

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"In last minute information, without a doubt this 2020 has been a very special year, not only because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but because for some people it has been the best year of their lives, their dreams have come true. A new chapter of this incredible love story is about to be written, let's see what it is about. "

This was how Carla Contreras presented the news before learning that it was her own love story that she was describing. Later, the photograph of the driver where she is with her boyfriend appeared on a screen, which moved her; However, the biggest surprise was just yet to come, as her now fiancé entered the news forum to kneel down and ask her to marry him.

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“I found my good luck, just by loving you. And I want to stay forever, my love… ”, was what sounded in a Channel 11 forum, when Carla Contreras was surprised by her request for a hand, being one of the videos that were shared to be part of the entertainment of the networks.

When she stops reading the script out of excitement, her boyfriend enters the frame and they embrace, after a few seconds he kneels and asks her to marry her, to which she answered yes, very excited, and her face kept saying without words : "I'm marrying you!", Although later he told his companions.

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The driver immediately ran to hug him and, moved to tears, pronounced the words that will lead her to the marriage bond: "I do, I do, I do!"

With the happiness that the moment implied, Carla Contreras thanked the production for being accomplices of her fiancé to carry out the surprise and after she received the engagement ring on her finger she said "I'm marrying you."

Of course, as expected, when the video began to circulate, many congratulated the happy couple, filling them with beautiful comments wishing them happiness, much love and success in this new stage of their lives.

However, they cannot stop being present to those who do not find these situations, and although they do not have proof of what they argue, they decide to express themselves in the same way.

Well, there were many other users who did not waste time to throw hate and claim their public good, all under the following comments: "Our badly spent taxes, as if there were nothing else to report" and "Channel Once receives government resources, use the channel for their own benefit is corruption ”, said some who did not think of the scene.

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For her part, and regardless of what the audience says, Carla declared that she feels happy, blissful and in love and that this is the most beautiful surprise she has ever received.

Likewise, we reiterate, for the tranquility of those who did not see the program, what happened was not broadcast on the channel, since it did not happen live, everything was recorded off the air, with the intention that Carla believed otherwise.

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