Hong Kong, AP. On Friday, police arrested Jimmy Lai of the publishing group of Apple Daily Newspaper of Hong Kong. In fact, he also participated in a demonstration rally of supporters of democracy in the month of August. Next Media founder Jimmy Lai was detained from his home around 7 am and taken to a police station in Kowloon. At the same time, along with Vice Chairman of the opposition Labor Party Lee Cheuk-yan, others were also arrested.

March 31 was set for the fifth anniversary of the decision taken by China against a full democratic election in Hong Kong. The 63-year-old Vice Chairman of the Labor Party Lee Chiyuk Yan was also arrested by the police from his home. The party condemned the arrest and called for suppressing the rights of the Hong Kong public. 72-year-old former Democracy Party chairman Iug Sum was also arrested.

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Earlier in 2014, Jimmy was arrested after he refused to withdraw from a democracy-backed demonstration. After his arrest, he resigned as Editor-in-Chief of Apple Daily. In addition, after a raid at home in 2014, he came under investigation by the Anti-Corruption Agency of Hong Kong.

Recently a bill was introduced in Hong Kong. According to this, if a Hong Kong citizen commits a crime or demonstration in China, then the case will run against him in China, not in Hong Kong. This made the people of Hong Kong feel that the Communist Party of China wanted to take over Hong Kong through this bill and protested strongly. Given the protest, the Hong Kong government had to withdraw the bill but the youth movement did not end. There is a demand to strengthen the democratic system in Hong Kong.

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