Quest Supremacy Chapter 118 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Quest Supremacy Chapter 118 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Chapter 118 has a lot of admirers among Quest Supremacy enthusiasts. They are searching for spoilers and newly leaked raw scans in order to find out what occurs next in the plot.

They are eagerly anticipating the chapter’s publication and are already thinking about how they will read it once it’s available. If they want to know what’s happening, they go to internet forums and social media.

As a result, they are eager to share their enthusiasm for the next chapter with other readers. Everybody is eagerly anticipating the next installment of the Quest Supremacy a series.

“Quest Supremacy” Chapter 95 is here, and it promises to be an enchanting mix of fantasy, drama, & science fiction, so get ready for an exciting journey.

With writing by the brilliant YuNuni and art by the amazing TAEWAN of the prestigious PTJ cartoon studio Academy, this web comics has gained a devoted fan base.

Fans are getting ready for an exciting tale continuation with captivating missions, complex character development, and deep themes in Chapter 95.

Quest Supremacy Chapter 118 Release Date:

On December 25, 2023, Quest Supremacy, Volume 118 will be published. The program is gaining more and more loyal fans. To find out what happens next, readers of the book can’t wait for the next chapter.

Quest Supremacy Chapter 118 Trailer Release:

Chapter 118 of Quest Supremacy does, in fact, have a promotional video.

Quest Supremacy Chapter 118 Storyline:

The core concept of Quest Supremacy is a video game in which players are immersed in missions and fights while being granted unique skills. A high school girl named Kim Soohyun, who is dealing with bullying, finds herself entangled in the complexities of this virtual world. The adversary Choyun has a secret purpose that affects the players or the actual world; he is the game’s mastermind.

Chapter 116 of Quest Supremacy is almost here, and readers can’t wait for the exciting fights and important character revelations that fans have been waiting for.

Fans all across the world can’t get enough of Quest Supremacy’s riveting plot and interesting characters. Stay tuned for all the latest news on this captivating webtoon.

A “Master Card” had been eventually obtained by Kim Suhyeon. It was a “master” grade card with the devastating “Mana Drain” ability; Kim couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

With this card, he might forever boost his stats by stealing theirs and converting them. But at that same moment, Jaeha Han raised her voice and urged him to get off his disbelief; the battle had just begun. Upon hearing this, Kim glances above and sees that Ryu Sikyung is still upright.

Even after landing a good strike on Ryu with a wooden sword, he couldn’t grasp how Ryu remained largely uninjured. He was in complete astonishment. But Ryu had already cornered him before Kim was able to react and he knocked him down with a perfect shot.

He had previously given up hope of ever defeating Ryu, but he had just acquired a new talent and decided to give it a shot. Sure enough, the skill allowed him to absorb Ryu’s numbers, exactly as promised.

Ryu discarded Kim because he saw his strength dwindling. Kim felt stronger after absorbing part of his strength and saw an improvement in his endurance metrics when he examined his data.

Out of nowhere, Choyun’s phone rang, and Ryu was told to return from the South. After obeying his instruction, Ryu departed, claiming they were fortunate, but that there would be no repeat.

Their conflict with their southern counterparts had finished a day ago. Everyone at West Gangbuk High was genuflecting in honor of Kim Suhyeon’s return.

Kim is escorted to Jaeha & the gang by Jihyeok Jang & Hyeondong Lee, who congratulate him on unifying the South. Kim eagerly extends a hand to Jaeha Han, expressing his anticipation of collaborating with him.

Now that the South is united, a new danger has emerged in the North. In order to have any hope of survival, Kim & his gang must find a way to enlist Johan Seong, the former leader of a united Gangbuk, into their cause.

The question then becomes, how would Kim respond to the formidable North? I suppose the answer will be revealed in the following section.

Using the abilities bestowed upon him by his Quest of the King, Lee Joon will summon a plethora of revered and mythical figures from mythology and history. In his valiant fight against Kang Seung, he will enlist the aid of these luminous beings, who include figures like Hercules, Alexander the Great, & King Arthur.

That being said, Kang Seung intends to harness the power of the Quest of the Union for his own ends, globalizing quest control and reducing all questers to mere instruments in his ambitious scheme.

In addition, he will come clean about his true identity as the son of the enigmatic Quest Master, protector of the quest structure, and future ruler of our realm.

The Quest Master will intervene during the violent altercation between Lee Joon & Kang Seung, halting the fighting and announcing that the two are tools for his special plan.

Having been the protagonist’s guardian since birth, he will disclose his pivotal role in bestowing the ability to see secret missions onto Lee Joon.

In an unprecedented endeavor to establish a world order, the Quest Master will enlist the help of Lee Joon & Kang Seung. This order will be characterized by the dominion of questers over non-questers, with the Quest Master himself assuredly serving as supreme dictator. He will also provide them the opportunity to discover the origins of humanity and solve the mysteries of the mission system.

Where To Watch Quest Supremacy Chapter 118?

On the Webtoon platform, you can read Quest Supremacy for free. Thanks to Webtoon’s intuitive design, readers may easily get the latest chapters of Quest Supremacy.

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