Rafael Amaya and his loves, many crossed the screen


The handsome TV hunk, Rafael Amaya, is undoubtedly one of the most coveted singles and here we will introduce you to the list of his conquests, because it has absolutely all the physical qualities to conquer anyone.

Many times it has been seen that the actor is very similar to the characters they play either on television or in the cinema and such is the case of Amaya, since he is just like Aurelio Casillas having a characteristic in common.

That characteristic is nothing more and nothing less than being a seductive, both in his role on the screen or off the set in real life.

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That is why we will present you with a list of conquests of the handsome actor both on and off recordings:


Ana Layevska

The relationship began in 2007 after having starred in the soap opera "The Two Faces of Ana" and they were together until 2010 when they decided to end, because they both wanted very different things and took different directions.

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Angelica Celaya

However, after his breakup with Ana, the sadness did not last as long, because that same year he began dating actress Angélica Celaya.


Their relationship lasted around five years and they even got engaged but they broke their engagement in 2015.

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Iran Castle

As you will remember, both were together in Love again and now they were lovers but, according to certain rumors, they also had a short relationship but nothing was ever confirmed.

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Luz Elena González

The presenter and actor had an affair before he became famous and had a relationship of more than two years, but unfortunately they ended since he did not want to get married.


Fernanda Castillo

The beautiful actress also fell at the feet of the actor, but this time only in the series "El Señor de los Cielos" where they also had a son.

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Vanessa Villela

As they say, from love to hate there is only one step, and this was the case of Vanessa, since her character wanted to take revenge on Aurelio but ended up falling in love with him.

Marlene Favela

This romance did not last long as the character played by the actress in the series mur! 0 in the second season.

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Ximena Herrera

Within the series, the beautiful actress also managed to be another of the heartbreaker's love interests.

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