Ranking the Best Dogs from Netflix's Canine Intervention Trailer

It is the official Den of Geek (or DoG, if you will) position that there is no such thing as a bad dog. All dogs are good dogs. Even by displaying bad dog behavior, a dog is confirming that it is indeed a dog, and therefore good. The logic could not be clearer or more unimpeachable. 

Still, the shadowy forces that be still insist that people train their dogs, due to annoying concepts like “public safety” and the fact that a dog can apply 2,000 pounds of pressure with its jaw, snapping human bones like twigs. Thankfully, that’s where Netflix’s new reality series Canine Intervention comes in. 

Canine Intervention is set to arrive on Feb. 24 and will follow Cali K9 dog expert and trainer Jas Leverette as he assists Californians and their dog issues. “It’s never the dog’s fault, it’s always human error,” Leverette says in the newly released trailer.

That trailer features a lot of compelling human drama. It also features dogs. Many bad dogs, who are also good. Here is our ranking of the good dogs in said trailer. 

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