Reason you should watch Dawson's Creek on Netflix

"Dawson's Creek" is the series that launched Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams and Joshua Jackson to fame and was recently added to the platform's extensive catalog. Netflix, that is why we will tell you the reasons why to see this series.

There is no doubt that this is a good opportunity to watch all the seasons now that it has arrived on Netflix with all the nostalgia of a generation.

As you may recall, by the end of the 90s both television and cinema entered a Meta or self-referential stage, that is, everything that had happened previously served as material and with this, pop culture would reach unsuspected levels.

Still far from streaming and with several television networks creating solid and long-lived products, the youth market was lacking in personality.

This is how series type "Beverly Hills 90210" had already passed the adolescent stage and now their problems were adults, while Melrose Place and its intrigues were far removed from the semi-adolescent market that needed to talk about movies, heartbreak and problems such as homophobia, drugs and sexuality.

Then in 1998 Kevin Williamson, a young writer who was coming off a movie boom by writing classics like "Scream", "Scream 2" and "I know what they did last summer", debuted as the creator of "Dawson’s Creek", a youth series on the CW channel that managed to become a popular culture hit, making an entire generation fall in love.

The series lasted six seasons with the help of the renewal of characters, however, with the original lineup as a base: Katie Holmes, James Van der Beek, Joshua Jackson and Michelle Williams, the latter ultimately became a multi-Oscar nominee. .

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Now, "Dawson's Creek" comes to the platform of Netflix with all its seasons so that new generations know it and those who grew up with it revive it.

The plot tells the story of Dawson, a movie-loving teenager living in Capeside, Massachusetts, a town with a lake, where he deals with the first love of his new neighbor, one of the best friends in his life and his transition from friends to lovers, plus her parents' divorce after her mother cheated on the marriage.

Throughout the seasons, the music of the fashionable groups and singers of that time form a fundamental part of the narrative and there are references to popular films such as "The Blair Witch Project", "The Club of Five", " Halloween ", etcetera.

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It is worth mentioning that Joey stole the center of the story, to such an extent that the series seemed told around it, but characters like Jennifer were one of the most complex, even until the last episode.

Williamson stopped writing the series at the end of the second season, but returned for the end and wrote the last two episodes.

Even so, the essence of the series always remained and it is one of the few that can boast a linear narrative and the events that were happening for the last two seasons were consistent with the journey of the series and of each of its characters, through Despite the fact that the plot moved to different locations, since the young people were in the university and later jobs; everything fit perfectly.

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Something very good is that "Dawson’s Creek"It was also criticized for presenting adolescents with adult vocabulary and outgoing as perhaps adolescents in real life did not, which was a fundamental part of the success of the story and that would later be replicated in series such as" The OC ", "Gossip Girl", among many others.

"I Don't Want to Wait" was the opening song performed by singer Paula Cole and it became a classic, at the same time a reference of what the series meant for a whole generation.

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