Sydney, Agency. A fierce fire in Australia's forests brought relief on Thursday morning. According to the local meteorological department, it is expected to receive more rain here. More than a billion animals have been killed since last few months lying in the forests here. Apart from this, 28 people have lost their lives. Property worth crores of rupees has also been burnt to ashes in Australia.

According to the local meteorological department, New South Wales received good rainfall in the early hours of Thursday. The state is one of the areas most affected by the fire. The state's Rural Fire Service said in a post that the fire in New South Wales is a relief news for many firefighters. She also shared a video showing rain in a burning forest.

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It is believed that this rain will control the fire to some extent, the fire will not increase. It is being said that if it continues to rain, the weather will be fine, but if it rains less then it will be harmful. Due to less rain, the smoke will not be able to go up much here. If the fire is not completely extinguished, the smoke will continue to rise, it will be stifling. Meanwhile, thunderstorms in the southern city of Melbourne on Wednesday late night helped in reducing the smoke of the fire. The city's climate was stifled by the smoke.

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The Victorian Environment Protection Agency said that rain has improved air quality in most parts of the state. The agency said more rain is expected by the end of the week. It is known that due to this fire, more than 2,000 houses have been damaged in this area so far and one crore hectares of land has been burnt.

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Although there is a fire in Australia every year but in 2019 it started much earlier and continued for a long time. In the year 2019, Australia was recorded as the driest and hottest country. As a result, when there was a fire in the forests here, it could not be controlled so far, this rain has brought some relief.

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