Rep Criticizes President Trump over Nancy Pelosi

A video of Nancy Pelosi, a House Speaker, went viral on certain social media outlets last week. In the certainly doctored video, the speaker’s speech resembled to be slurring.

Quickly after the video went viral, President Trump tweeted another version of the speaker’s video that was previously made public in a news report.

This irritated Will Hurd, a representative from Texas. The obviously infuriated speaker condemned the president’s action.

He said: “You shouldn’t propagate information that you know is ultimately doctored. And this is going to intensify this dispute and this game.”

When the video was released, it went viral on Facebook and other social media platforms. However, as Facebook is the major source of the shared video, the giant social media platform was put under pressure to delete the fake video.

However, rather than delete the misleading video, Facebook has decided to keep the video for reasons best known to them, although it reduced the video’s distribution.

While conversing on the platform’s choice to hold the video, Monika Bickert, commodity policy, and counterterrorism official of Facebook told in an interview that:

“We think it’s essential for people to obtain their own versed decision for what to believe. Our job is to make sure we are preparing detailed information. ”

Facebook’s stance on the doctored video and Trump’s tweet certainly don’t go well with several Pelosi’s supporters, including certain other House of Representatives members.

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