Resident Evil Village: Does Lady Alcina Dimitrescu's Name Hide Any Secrets?

However, the name is most closely associated with Romania. Several notable people named Dimitrescu were born in Romania or trace their origins to that country (more on that in just a bit). Interestingly, leaks and rumors strongly suggest that Resident Evil Village takes place in Romania.

Strangely, the surname Dumitrescu is actually much more common in Romania. While Dimitrescu is also a fairly common name, it’s interesting that Capcom decided to make the slight alteration. Then again, the comparative commonality of Dumitrescu may be part of the reason why they decided to make a slight change.

In any case, the Romania association would make quite a bit of thematic sense given that Romania is traditionally associated with vampirism in popular culture and Lady Dimitrescu certainly has vampiric tendencies. That association was certainly enhanced by Dracula and Vlad the Impaler’s association with the Romanian region of Transylvania.

Dimitrescu Has Ties to Christianity and Paganism

Many older surnames are often based on notable religious figures, and Dimitrescu is no different (at least depending on your interpretation of the name’s origins and spread).

What’s interesting is that the name has traditionally been associated with two vastly different religious figures. One was St. Demetri who was known for (amongst other things) converting many Pagans to Christianity. The belief is that the Crusades ultimately resulted in more and more people in different regions taking the name of saints and similar figures.

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