Retired DEA agents claim ‘Narcos: Mexico’ showrunner hid truth about CIA’s hand in brutal murder

It’s stated that afterwards Kiki struck a colossal grass ring working by the ranch named Rancho El Búfalo, at which Mexican troopers crushed a few 1000 hectares of all cannabis at 1984, the medication cartel dictated his catch and murder.


He had been stabbed at gun point at Guadalajara and carried to some ranch property beyond the town at which he had been tortured within a period; cheek-bones, nose, chin, along with his skull were smashed using a iron pole. Even though Rafael Caro Quintero, a Mexican drug trafficker, was detained and awarded that a 40-year-sentence to get Camarena’s murderhe had been freed later just functioning 28 decades and he then disappeared out of sight to turned into among those most-wanted offenders.

It’s well reported that throughout this period of time, when Kiki was murdered and tortured, ” the CIA had been complicit in bringing lots of cocaine, even attempting to sell the cocaine into the godfathers of this medication commerce after which utilizing money to get firearms to resist the Iran-Contra war.

Additionally, it hastens the Boland change. More over, Philip Rodriguez, Oliver North, along with many others had been accountable for attracting the cocaine to the United States Arkansas, Nina, along with Sandiego to the US through Mexico plus a Number of Them. I talked.

These certainly were current when this occurred and also have info on the situation which shows the way a CIA was involved Kiki’s murder.

The famous folks group Los Broncos de Reynosa referred to as attention twenty five decades back performed at local night spots. This had been disregarded like being a fable.
However, what’s it specifically what causes you to mention the CIA was involved from this DEA agent’s barbarous murder and torture?

Whilst the Netflix demonstrate readies itself to the following season in 2020,” the prior manager of DEA’s influential El Paso Intelligence Center at Texas,” Phil Jordan, also retired DEA representative Hector Berrellez talked solely to MEA globe Broad (MEAWW) and revealed the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was involved Camerana’s barbarous killing.

Dropping main revelations,” Jordan and Berrellez reported that CIA representative Félix Ismael”El Gato” Rodríguez was likewise included from case plus so they directly talked towards the show-runner to never spin the truth but he opted to disregard their warnings.

It was really shocking, I didn’t anticipate it. We understood each other . I had been doing an audit in Mexico and that is when he arrived to pick up me. The entire time, we had been followed by four DFS (Mexican intelligence bureau Dirección Federal de Seguridad) officials. When I pointed out that this fact to Kiki, he said,’Do not worry, they still work for the CIA and then protect the drug lords.’

Were you aware Kiki on a private level? How shocking was it in the time for the government?

Additionally, I understood that Kiki was shortly likely to be moved from Mexico. I desired him to ask to be moved to Texas so I could have a fantastic case manufacturer and representative on board but he wished to return to California.

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