Revealed Roberto Palazuelos was visited by UFOs

Roberto Palazuelos appeared to him ... UFOs!

During an interview for "El Baño TV", where Palazuelos He claimed to have seen beings from another planet.

It was in Tepoztlán, Morelos, where he had contact with aliens, including Robert assured that they have an underground base in that place.

And, in case people do not believe him, he assured that it is located behind the Amatlán mountain.
"I have seen them go down," he said Palazuelos.

The paranormal experience led him to make the decision to buy a house near the area to be aware of what might happen.

On the other hand, the actor said that after the success he had with the first season of "Palazuelos My King "if there will be a second part.

Regarding his plans to have a post in the Government of Quintana Roo, he hopes to see them carried out soon.

He will talk about the experience in his series.

The businessman, telenovela star, former participant of "Big Brother" and cast for characters from other popular series, has shared that he intends to show himself as he is in his own MTV reality show: "Palazuelos. My King".

The actor himself who asked the same members of the "Acapulco Shore" program will not show strong images before the cameras out of respect for his son.

This was a different thing, a risk, to get out of my comfort state and I do not regret having accepted, "said the actor in a recent meeting in anticipation of Tuesday's premiere.

As it transpired, the reality show will consist of 12 episodes in which Palazuelos It can be seen on model yachts, in yoga class and visiting their properties on the beach, but also working in locations that include Miami, Cancun, Acapulco, Mexico City, Montreal and Tepoztlán, a town in the Mexican state of Morelos.

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The place is one of the key themes of the series since it will address the subject of his experience with UFOs, which he says he has sighted from the property he has in that place.

I did not believe in UFOs and in 1993, on January 31 at 1:30 in the morning on a mountain in Tepoztlán, being my birthday, I had a UFO sighting, an impressive thing. For more than 90 seconds we saw it, "he said last week in a meeting with journalists. And he noted that he saw them again in 2005 and 2012.

It becomes very interesting, "he said, while adding that" we cannot believe and think that we are the only intelligence in this universe. There are others ”.

Palazuelos 52-year-old, who established himself as an actor in telenovelas including "Muchachitas," Amor gitano "and" Mañana es para siempre ", has revealed that he no longer has any interest in making novels since there came a time when he felt jaded.

The histrionic also addressed the issue of other participations that he has had on Mexican television such as the series “my kings”, which portrays the lives of young people who live among hot tubs drinking champagne and surrounded by women in nightclubs, consider this group "An urban tribe" and only a fraction of what their life really is.

My life has not been easy. Maybe you see me right now in a privileged situation, but I have earned each step by hand, ”said Palazuelos.

As for the people close to the actor, such as his chef and bodyguard whom he also presents in his series, he portrays the more human side of Roberto Palazuelos of whom he points out, "what he likes the most about being a boss is creating jobs and that he has about 460 workers in his hotels and other companies."

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The series of “Palazuelos. My King ”will air on Tuesdays on MTV Latin America at 10 pm Mexico time.

On the other hand, after addressing the controversial issue of the alleged disputes that he faced with Luis Miguel, which were portrayed in the series, the actor clarified that the episode had never occurred in real life

I never reproached Luis Miguel for who he was with his mother or how he was with his daughter. Who am I to get into anyone's life? I do not get involved in my family. Simple and simple they were lies, lies with my name, "he said.

As an artist, I admire Luis Miguel a lot because he is part of my generation, I grew up with his songs, I fell in love and I fought with many women with his songs, and he will always be like José José was for other generations. Luis Miguel for us is our José José ”, said Palazuelos.

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