Rita Macedo's son remembers the painful farewell to his mother and actress

The producer Luis de Llano Macedo He spoke in a past interview what the last words of his mother, the first actress, meant. Rita Macedo.

In recent days we revealed some details about the unexpected departure of the actress Rita Macedo same that will leave so many unknowns at that time, managing different versions that distorted the reality of the events.

After it became known what had actually happened to the histrionic, his three children reveal how the departure of his famous mother was for each of them, and although for all three it was a somewhat traumatic and painful experience, his eldest son reveals details about the chilling words he crossed with the actress, he anticipated his departure.

It may interest you Rita Macedo, she had fame and fortune but a tragic end haunted her last days

It is worth mentioning that Rita Macedo he left this world at 68 years, after he made the decisive decision to end his life.

Apparently, the actress He had not been in good health in recent days, revealed on that occasion his eldest son, the producer Luis de Llano MacedoSo one of the last talks with her put him on alert.

I think it was a very hard time, when your mom comes and says I'm leaving.

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He producer describes it was a very hard time accepting that his mother She didn't want to live anymore and she told herself that before leaving.

I'm leaving, I don't want to be here anymore, I detected that something was wrong, something that I hadn't talked about, said the producer.

Own Luis de Llano reveals that her mother made the decision to leave as she did not want to end up bedridden.

I'm fed up, I don't want to end up in a bed, sunk there forgotten, I feel very bad, I haven't had good morning I wanted to leave

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The producer assures that the actress commissioned her sister Julissa, asked her to go ahead and reveals that it was something that she already had very well thought out, later she went and did what she did despite the fact that he tried to persuade her at some point.

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Although it was very difficult to accept, he points out that his departure It was less painful since she herself gave him a glimpse of what she intended to do and somehow said goodbye.

Is that Luis, in life you have to respect the decisions of the people, she made her decision and did what she did and although it was not easy afterwards I ended up understanding her a lot, she points out.

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Rita Macedo he left three children alive, products of his two marriages, Luis and Julissa, fruits of his relationship with producer Luis de Llano Palmer and Cecilia, daughter of the actress and writer Carlos Fuentes.

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