“River Phoenix’s death made me understand so much about the Hollywood world”

Ethan Hawke he is one of the most popular actors of recent years but, despite his great fame, he has done everything to keep his feet on the ground as much as possible. In his opinion, the greatest teachings on this complex world of show biz came to him from River Phoenix and especially since his death.

“My first colleague on set died of an overdose on West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip: lui was a bright light and this industry chewed it up, it was a great lesson for me. That’s why I never wanted to move to Hollywood. For someone like me, being in that kind of climate would have been too dangerous. “

Hawke during a long interview with Guardian he added: “Drugs, alcohol and depression are fierce adversaries everywhere, not just in the cinema. MMany people think that getting what they want will make them happy, but it doesn’t. Certain sensations cannot come from the outside “.

The actor to the roles that would have guaranteed him immense notoriety, has always preferred the productions of great depth that have nevertheless guaranteed him well 4 Nomination agli Oscar: “The teaching comes from my parents, who didn’t pursue wealth and success. I never had the perception that if I failed in film, my father would love me less.”

Ethan Hawke is currently working on Moon Knight, the Marvel series dedicated to Marc Spector. He will play a villain, but from the latest leaked photos it is not yet known which one.

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