Roces with Montijo and Legarreta, Ex-driver of Hoy confesses it

One more time, Televisa's morning show: “Hoy”, was placed in the eye of the hurricane after one of his former collaborators, the actor and comedian Ricardo Margaleff, break the silence and ensure that he would not return to the television program, despite the fact that it is one of the most viewed transmissions on the small screen in our country.

As we all know, throughout its history, the program of the San Ángel television It has had different collaborators, special guests and star conductors, who are in charge of entertaining and entertaining viewers along with the stellar cast made up of famous and celebrated conductors, such as the beloved and friendly, Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo.

That said, you also know perfectly well that there have always been comments and rumors that, when one of the collaborators decides say goodbye to the program, mention that it is not a possibility to rejoin the ranks of the morning, something that somehow puzzles viewers and the Internet audience.

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Since, apparently, or at least as seen from the broadcasts, all the members of the show, as well as the production team, all get along very well and it could be said that they are particularly like a big family.

Therefore, the recent statements of the former collaborator generated enough speculation about the possible bad relationship that exists between the recurring guests and the celebrities who regularly collaborate in the entertainment program “Hoy” or at least that is what the viewers believed.

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It turns out that, during an interview with the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda, the current member of "La Familia Dysfuncional" in "Me Caigo de Risa", the improvisation show, the actor and comedian Ricardo Margaleff recalled his time on the aforementioned morning program and he was forceful in assuring that he would not return to the program.

The also protagonist of the television series "Una familia de Diez" explained that during his stay in the morning it was quite difficult, because the program is not merely comedy, so intervening with jokes may be frowned upon by some of the official conductors and some people from the production.

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Likewise, without mentioning a single name, Ricardo Margaleff confessed that comic interventions are often frowned upon in the "Hoy" program, so possibly he would not participate in such a project again, not now, not later, because what He likes it, is to intervene in this way with colorful comments, to release tension.

As if that were not enough, at the beginning of the video of the interview with Mara, we can clearly hear how the presenter asks her a clear and forceful question: “From this world of comedy, has there been any role, something that you have done, that you didn't like? "

To which, immediately, Margaleff, assertively commented: "Yes, and I say it openly, when I was called to work on Hoy."

Then, the extensive talk begins, where he gives each and every one of the details that we already mentioned before, if you want to observe the entire interview, we will gladly leave it here.

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Currently, the comedian is one of the protagonists of the seventh season of "Me Caigo de Risa" where he is one of the favorites of the program, thanks to his great charisma and talent in this field.



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