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"Héctor Ferrer" is the name of the character he plays Rodrigo Guirao Monday through Friday at 9:30 p.m. stars channel, the new leading man of soap operas and above all attractive has driven his new fans crazy.

The handsome Argentine is the new face of Mexico, it could be said that he was the letter up his sleeve that the television station would use to conquer the Mexican public, something that apparently has been achieved.

The new one Ruby adaptation played by Camila Sodi was a revolution that perhaps some saw difficult to overcome by its past protagonist.

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However, it seems that there has been no no problem With the new production, Rodrigo plays the co-star in the new version of the story originally created by Yolanda Vargas Duché.

It was through an interview that Guirao described Héctor as the public remembers it from previous projects: an architect with a great position but who carries within himself a hatred that will emerge when the beautiful protagonist, played by Camila Sodi, enter your life.

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"I love Rubí because it was the favorite novel of my grandmother and my mother. I am very happy and grateful for Mexico for this opportunity they give me to work in Aztec lands. It is a project that amused me a lot. And after being number one in U.S For Univision there was a certain expectation with what could happen in Mexico. It gave us great joy to know that the series is enjoying so much in such an important audience and obtaining high ratings, placing Rubí in the favorite. "

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"Héctor is a great character and a great challenge. A long time ago a character didn't have me so focused, with all my energy put into him. But as I always say, the most important thing is the story. And you can't imagine what this is new version ", sentenced Rodrigo who monopolizes the tuning on the channel of Las Estrellas.


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Sighs and flattery has awakened this actor who debuts on the Mexican screen with a complex character, but so enriching that it serves as a springboard to demonstrate his histrionic qualities beyond the physical.

Ferrer, who was embodied by the also Argentine Sebastián Rulli in the 2004 soap opera, he is a man for Guirao who, in addition to his self-centeredness and strong temperament, is marked by trauma from his past.

"From the universe of 'Hector', a woman is practically like an object to have aside, she has like a hatred, but she needs them. He needs a woman, "said the 40-year-old interpreter.

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"Rubí is the woman who reminds her of her mother and this woman makes her feel danger, insecurity, jealousy. For such a person with an addiction to this type of toxic relationship, Maribel would not be perfect to have this life of suffering and toxic relationships as Rubí is going to be, "he said.

Likewise, the histrion of other important Telemundo productions such as 'Lady Steel' and Argentina like 'Attraction x4', 'Rebelde Way' and 'Ugly Duckling' he signed having greatly enjoyed bringing to life "Hector", although he admitted during his conversation to the media that it was not at all easy to shoot the series due to the intensity of his appearances.

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Finally, he assured that viewers will not be bored reliving this story because there is not a superfluous scene in more than 20 chapters that the project offers.

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