Ruined, Katie Holmes would plead with Tom Cruise, reveal

Ruined, Katie Holmes would beg Tom Cruise, reveal (EFE)
Ruined, Katie Holmes would plead with Tom Cruise, reveal | EFE

The actress Katie holmes, who was proud to part ways with his toxic relationship and reach a supposedly “beneficial” agreement with the “Mission Impossible 7” actor, Tom Cruise now in a “humiliating” way begs for his help, they reveal.

Apparently, after the new virus pandemic has put the entertainment industry in check, it has caused a great impact on the actress’s economy, Katie holmes, who apparently would have put aside her pride to request help from her ex-husband, Tom Cruise.

It is worth mentioning that although they both have a daughter in common, the result of their marriage, but for the histrionic it must have meant twice the effort since both have no communication, not even between Suri, the daughter of Katie and the famous actor, Tom cruise.

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However, this time both Katie As Suri goes through a very serious economic situation and the histrionic’s resources would have been exhausted with the crisis that has been unleashed as a result of Covid-19, which made her turn to her former partner.

The remembered Joey Potter, the character he gave life to Holmes In the popular series “Dawsons Creek” she would be going through the effects of this crisis and they reveal the desperation to have cash to help her with her expenses and those of her daughter led her to reconnect with the also actor of the remembered tape “Top Gun “.

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The news came after InTouch magazine published that the 41-year-old actress, KatieHe would have made a “humiliating” decision, to look for the father of his daughter, who in recent years has been absent from the life of the minor, Suri Cruise.

Currently, their daughter is already a teenager, however she lives far from the actor after contact was gradually lost after the separation of her parents, Holmes and Cruise.

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However, now he has been in dire need to ask for help, since according to the source he cataloged the crisis of Katie holmes as a “financial ruin”.

It is worth mentioning that at first, the actress was proud to walk away from the actor after reaching a “considerable” financial agreement, they point out, however, this could “have been a big mistake.”

Katie has huge expenses, and she’s not getting a steady paycheck from movies or TV shows right now. It is not just her acting career that has stalled, “added the source.

Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise and little Suri when they were still a family. AP

According to the various reports, the amount they stipulated for the agreement of their separation, Katie He would have received US $ 400,000 a year to support his daughter, however he claims “that he did not get anything else from their separation.”

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Prior to the global strike that stemmed from the coronavirus pandemic, the actress made a lot of money from appearances at regular events and sale of products, a source of income that has also been interrupted due to the lockdown.

Also, after his recent separation with actor Jamie Foxx to Katie holmes He would not have many benefits left for what he turned to his former partner, it is “humiliating”, says the source.

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Likewise, the devoted scientology actor Tom cruise he admitted at some point that he had a part of responsibility for the separation of his family and pointed out that “he could have handled things better.”

I make mistakes? Yes. No matter who you are, life has challenges … if someone judges me harshly, that’s fine. I don’t even judge them harshly for doing it, “Tom said in 2012.

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