Sakamoto Days Chapter 142 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Sakamoto Days Chapter 142 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Chapter 142 of the Japanese manga series Sakamoto Days was written and drawn by Yuto Suzuki. People who can’t wait for every new installment have been watching the show as the pilot aired in November 2020. Everyone who likes Sakamoto Days is so excited that they are barely able to tolerate it anymore.

Plenty of people are looking for information on Sakamoto Days Part 142 on Reddit because they are excited about it. There are a lot of various types of talks, recaps, as well as raw copies of new chapters on this page.

As readers think about what’s going on in the story and try to guess what’s will happen next, talking to other fans in Reddit adds a new level of excitement.

There are a number of manga-reading websites where people can find the latest episode of Sakamoto Days as well as past ones. It looks like Sakamoto Days Chapter 142 will be another exciting part of a narrative that is already very intriguing.

Chapter 114 of Sakamoto Days Date and Time: Chapter 114 of Sakamoto Days will come out on April 10, 2023. Chapter 140 of the comic Sakamoto Days didn’t have as much action and blood as we’d expect from the show, but it did give fans important information for the following chapter.

The X’s gang is moving forward with their plan and also work ahead of schedule to kill the JAA chief for good. Things are getting really bad outside.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 142 Release Date:

Happy news for Sakamoto Days fans! Chapter 142, which is set to come out on November 5, 2023, looks like it will have even more exciting events.

Throughout the series, Sakamoto has changed from a cruel killer to a dedicated family man, but he has kept his impressive fighting skills. We will find out more about each of these complex layers in Chapter 142, and this is about how Sakamoto’s past still affects him.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 142 Trailer Release:

There is, in fact, a trailer movie for Sakamoto Days Part 142.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 142 Storyline:

When Haruma sees that the gang members are going to the Assassin Exhibition in the nineteenth Century, he asks them if they want to help him kill the head of the JAA.

They ask Muto if it’s possible to kill him, but he tells them that on that day, four members of the order will be on the spot to protect the chairman.

Uzuki tells them it doesn’t matter because they already put the bomb there, and he and his friends will go finish the job in the chaos that follows.

When Muto hears this, he gets scared, as well as Haruma says him that they need Muto’s help to figure out where Asaki is at all times. Muto says that the boss is hard to guess.

It is Uzuki’s promise to Muto that he will become the next chairman of the JAA if he helps them kill the chairman. Muto is happy to help them, then the scene cuts to Sakamoto’s group.

Haruma took Muto to meet Slur as well as his group in the last chapter. When Muto asked them what they were planning, they told him they were going to kill Asaki, the chairman of the JAA, at the Assassin Exhibit of the Century.

Muto chose to tell everyone everything he knew so as to save his own life. Four members of the Order were going to be at the celebration to protect the chairman, so he warned them about his safety. It didn’t matter, though, as the bomb they were going to use to destroy the whole building was already there.

Muto’s help was very important for Slur’s staff to figure out which day the chairman planned to be at the show. In return, Slur said he would appoint Muto the new head of the JAA.

At the same time, Amane was getting worried because neither Sakamoto nor Shin knew about Slur’s plans. Kashima, on the opposite hand, thought the weapon had already been brought into the museum, maybe one piece at a time to escape being found.

In another place, Shishiba asked Nagumo why he didn’t tell the higher-ups in the JAA about Slur’s plan. Nagumo didn’t want these individuals to get scared and give up, though. He also thought that ending Slur was important to keep harmless people from getting hurt more.

People who read the most recent episode of Sakamoto Days were thrilled to see a high-stakes fight between the team as well as the mysterious attacker Higuchi.

When Higuchi hit Sakamoto’s car at the beginning of the chapter, there was a huge blast that caused Amo and Konomi to be taken away. It didn’t look like things were going as planned, though, because Nagumo had dressed up as Amo and attacked Higuchi. Nagumo was hit hard by Higuchi in response, and he threw him into the car that Higuchi’s partner was driving.

At the same time, Rion and Sakamoto were riding a motorcycle and were following Higuchi. They got into a fierce fight with him and his partner and were able to get them to run away. The team was able to get away with the help of Kindaka, who showed up with another car.

After the last part, Haruma and Muto are on their way for meeting the remaining members of the group. Haruma starts to talk about why Muto was called and says that they needs him to kill the JAA head, who is going to the Assassins exhibition.

Muto gets more and more worried as he thinks about the strong security and the four Order members who are watching over the chairman. Kei Uzuki tells Muto that a bomb has been set off at the show, and he plans to use the chaos to kill the chairman.

Haruma also says that since the show will last for three days, they will need Muto’s help to figure out where the chairman is at all times. Mafuyu and Nao Toramaru suddenly show up after finishing their fight with Gaku, just as Muto begins to give up.

For Gaku not to make too much noise while Akira sleeps upstairs, Kei asks. When he finds out the reason, he brings them both back to practice.

Kei gives them three ways to get rid of the JAA: kill the chairman, get rid of the order, or destroy their offices. After explaining the plan, he makes Muto an offer: if he can take in as chairman after the task is done, he will be his successor. Muto accepts the offer.

The chapter then moves on to Sakamoto as well as his group. Shin and Sakamoto get into a fight, which Sakamoto wins. Shin was following Sakamoto’s training routine to get even better and not bother him.

Amane walks in on them while they are training and asks regarding the bomb at the show. No one knew at all who would put the bomb or how they would do it, which was surprising.

Where To Watch Sakamoto Days Chapter 142?

If you want to read a new book, Sakamoto Days is a good choice. The life of a young girl is shown in this charming and funny series. Viz Media puts out drawn parts of Sakamoto Days on their internet channel, Shonen Jump. On Manga Plus, you can read Sakamoto Days in English versions and pictures of the source Japanese version.

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