Sakamoto Days Chapter 152 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Sakamoto Days Chapter 152 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Sakamoto Days, Volume 152, is a manga story from Japan that was written and drawn by Yuto Suzuki. Fan theories about what might happen next are already going around, even though details for the next part haven’t been released yet.

In this blog post, we’ll share the most up-to-date information about Sakamoto Days Volume 152, such as its release date, information, and exact details, so fans can get ready for it.

Get ready for an exciting Sakamoto Days Chapter 150, where Asaki’s life is in greater danger. In the last part, Asaki’s agreement with killers made things a little better for a while, but the threat is still there.

The fight against Slur’s gang gets worse, and the Order is in a dangerous war. As the days go by until January 6, 2024, fans look forward to an exciting mix of action and planning.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 152 Release Date:

Most of the time, every episode of Sakamoto Days aired at the same time. But this chapter is expected to come on January 28, 2024. People will be able to read the chapter on the publisher’s website as soon as it comes out.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 152 Trailer Release:

Yes, there is a video trailer for Chapter 152 of Sakamoto Days.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 152 Storyline:

Fans were on the edge of their seats with what happened in Sakamoto Days Chapter 149. Sakamoto and Samejima, who was the squad leader of the Special Defense Forces, went head-to-head, which made things even more complicated.

The people who wanted to kill Asaki planned ahead by using the museum’s special collection as bait for Slur’s gang. At the same time, Nagumo was getting ready to fight Gaku, which meant that a fight was about to happen.

The next part will be exciting because it will show the real fight at the museum. Slur’s gang is getting ready for a big attack, while Mafuyu and Toramaru keep them busy.

Because Nagumo is going to fight Gaku, the already complicated plot will get even more exciting. However, readers are left guessing what Sakamoto will do next, since it is both his job to stop a killing and make sure Toramaru gets out of the museum safely.

Yuto Suzuki wrote and drew Sakamoto Days, a fairly new and well-known action comedy manga. On the show, a skilled hitman called Taro Sakamoto is shown to be retired and enjoying life with his family while operating his local shop.

But when someone puts a reward on Sakamoto’s head, he has to go back to his old life to protect his loved ones. So far, the story has had 10 arcs. We are now looking at the Assassin Exhibit of the Century Arc.

You can find out when volume 151 of Sakamoto Days comes out, what time it comes out, and where you can read it here. But his boss tells him to leave because he’s no longer interested. Muto gets scared when he learns that Uzuki is going to kill his chairman if he doesn’t show up.

It’s good that Nagumo suggests they go see the gallery’s show of strange items to get the chairman to stay. In the last chapter, Heisuke saved Hyo’s life, even though he wasn’t strong enough to beat Kumonami by himself.

The crowd is very interested in how Heisuke and Hyo’s fights and plans will go as they face Kumonami. In the next part, which is likely going to be regarding his fight with Kumonami, Heisuke is going to discover how to beat her better.

He tells Toramaru that he will look out for her despite the fact that he is mad. They go to a store and buy masks to hide from the people who are following them.

When Sakamoto pays the checker, he sees that he helps the people who want them. Sakamoto hits the clerk, but someone stops him. While he is protecting himself against the guys, Sakamoto tells Toramaru that falling in love with somebody is normal. He says that it’s much more important to like yourself.

Where To Watch Sakamoto Days Chapter 152?

There are several places online where you can read Sakamoto Days Volume 143. Manga Plus is a common choice. Viz Media is the company that created the digital app.

They put out approved English versions of comics episodes, such as Sakamoto Days. You can get a free Manga Plus account to read the chapter as soon as it comes out.

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