Salvador Zerboni talks about his relationship with Alejandra Guzmán full of excesses


Actor Salvador Zerboni decided to talk about his short relationship with the singer Alejandra Guzmán, who was full of excesses, parties and forbidden thingsHe even claimed that he tried prohibited substances for her.

It was during the program "The minute my destiny changed"that Salvador told many things about his life.

The actor said that during his youth stage He was in a love relationship with singer Alejandra Guzmán, just when she ended her relationship with Pablo Moctezuma.

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In this way he pointed out that his romance back then was full of parties and it wasn't so much a serious relationship.

We walked like 6 months, it was a summer love, I was in high school and we met in Acapulco. She was about 10 years old, I went to live with her for a time when my parents caught me with her. "

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And although now they are great friends, Zerboni confessed that the singer was the one who started him in the world of drugs.

We live strong things, heavy environments, drugs. I had seen them in my life, I tried it for the first time there and thank God it did not make me vice, "said Salvador.


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In addition, he related how on one occasion when they were in a restaurant he came to be in the middle of a bullet for problems that Alejandra's father, Enrique Guzmán, had with other celebrities.

I went out from under the table, ran to my house and I never answered him again, I said that this was not for me, it was no longer fun ... I had no need to live all that. "

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Due to so many excesses and strong things that were during their relationship, it is that Salvador decided to end with Guzmán, however, he indicated that he continued consuming substances but ended up leaving them later.

I never answered the phone again and that's where I said, this is no longer for me, "added Zerboni.

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There is no doubt that their relationship was full of murky things and maybe if they had followed the story for the actor it would have been different, but things happen for some reason of that there is no doubt.

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