“Sam will have to deal with his nature”

Archived the chapter of Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Anthony Mackie will return to play the role of the stars and stripes hero in Captain America 4, the new film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that will show us once again the events of the heir of Steve Rogers.

Although Malcolm Spellmann declares that he is not yet involved in the project, he wanted to have his say on what could be the topics covered in this new film that will allow us to get to know better Sam Wilson. According to the director, in fact, this it will be a long inner journey in which the new Cap will have to deal with his nature as a human being who cannot therefore count on the amazing abilities provided by the Super Soldier serum.

Sam in fact, during Falcon and The Winter Soldier made it clear to Baron Zemo that under no circumstances would he take a dose of the serum, e a tal proposito Spellmann ha detto a Everyone Loves a Good Story: “I think this is going to be the theme of the film, its inner conflict. It’s appropriate. In the action genre, what it made Die Hard a classic wasn’t who beat Bruce Willis, it was what went through to beat them. “

The director added: “This is what people can identify with. ‘This son of a bitch is just like me and he’s facing the bad guys’ they will think.

Do you agree with Spellmann? What do you expect from Captain America 4? Of course, tell us yours in the comments.

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