Samara Weaving will be Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte! All the details of the new biopic

Variety reports that Samara Weaving, the star of the acclaimed horror til death do us part, prepares for a new lead role in a biopic about Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte.

If you've never heard of Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte but that surname tells you something, you're on the right track: the biopic - currently titled Liz - will tell the story of the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte's brother, Jerome, a key woman in US history and a founding mother whom Variety defines asthe country's first celebrity ".

Described as a Bridgerton or a The Great set in the United States, Liz tells of how Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte revolutionized the American social scene at the time of Jefferson's presidency. Elizabeth, called one of America's first international celebrities, was known for her refined taste in fashion, her wit and above all her independence. Adam Leon (Gimme the Loot, Tramps) will direct the film from a screenplay by Gabriel Neustadt.

A few notions about Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte: as mentioned, she married Napoleon's younger brother, Jerome, when she was only 18, and almost immediately began to cause a sensation for her clothes and her fashionable lifestyle. Napoleon himself was infuriated when he found out that his brother had married an American and ordered him to return to the French coast to annul the marriage. Jerome did not obey, and when the couple later attempted to return to France to witness Napoleon's coronation, a Elizabeth was denied permission to set foot not only on French soil but anywhere on the European continent. Thanks to her connection with the name Bonaparte, however, Elizabeth in America gained entry into exclusive social circles and earned the control and attention of the public thanks to her style, her beauty and her wit.

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