Say goodbye! Kimberly Loaiza shares her latest video

More than a goodbye, it would be a see you soon! The beautiful musical artist Kimberly Loaiza has said goodbye to her followers on Tik Tok with what would be her last video. The wife of youtuber Juan de Dios Pantoja He pointed out that this would be his last video and that he would miss his cuties very much.

But this is a see you soon, since Kim Loaiza You are about to spend one of the most beautiful moments of your life when you become a mother for the second time, a job, for which you will be required full time and for 40 days you will have to keep the rest necessary for your body to recover from giving give birth to her little one Juan de Dios Pantoja Loaiza.

Last video I will make in a long time. I have to spend 40 days resting. I will miss you, the beautiful Kimberly Loaiza wrote next to the images.

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In the video you can see the interpreter of You lost me from a hospital room, already dressed and ready to give birth to her son. Kimberly Loaiza She was sitting on the bed, from where she got up to show off her pregnant belly in profile once more and dance slowly to say goodbye to her cuteness, finally, she blew a kiss for her followers.

ADIÓS CINDURAS , wrote the famous next to the images.

The Mexican singer and her husband JD Pantoja During this morning they shared various videos pointing out that today is that special day they were waiting for so long, in which they would finally see the face of their second son, the little brother of Kima Sofía Pantoja Loaiza.

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In some of the recordings we can see the Youtube star and her partner at home, to later appear at the hospital. Both have been very happy, smiling and have danced a lot for their followers.

In a video prior to the farewell, the couple pointed out that they were minutes away from their son arriving in their arms, so probably, Kimberly Guadalupe Loaiza Martínez He is already in the operating room and it could even be that little Juanito has already been born.

The followers of both celebrities are waiting and eager to know the face of the new member of the Jukilop. It should be remembered that Kima is a star in social networks and that many have even compared her to Stormi Webster, daughter of Kylie Jenner, for being a celebrity.

The birth of Kima was a sensation in social networks, which were so desperate, that there was even a false alarm that he had already been born. Later, the followers of the youtuber were saddened by the rumors that the little girl would not be shown publicly, but happiness came when the face of Kimberly Loaiza's first daughter was revealed in a music video made especially for her.

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Anxiety comes again for the Jukilop family, who already want to meet little Juanito; That's right, the couple's second baby will bear the same name as his father Juan de Dios Pantoja and at first it was announced that he would be born on February 20; however, Kim shared that the delivery was early.

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Many consider that the famous probably chose the date of the birth of their baby, since it would coincide with the number 16, the date on which JD Pantoja was born, but in November; A similar case occurred with Kima Sofía, who was born on July 12, 2019, while her mother is from December 12.



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