Scarlett Johansson will star in film "Bride" with dreaded role



Scarlett Johansson will become a terrifying bride for the film Bride, a new version of the Frankenstein couple.

The film, which will be a co-production between Apple TV + and A24, is described as the story of a woman who was created to be the ideal wife by a brilliant entrepreneur, but who after rejecting her creator is forced to live in isolation and face To a world that sees her as a monster

Bride It will be directed by Chilean Sebastián Lelio, who won the 2018 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film for Una Mujer Fantástica.

The filmmaker will also be in charge of the script in collaboration with Lauren Schuker Blum and Rebecca Angelo (Wolfman).

Bride had long had to step out of the shadows of her male counterpart and be on her own, "Johansson shared in a statement.

Working with Rebecca Angelo and Lauren Schuker Blum, Sebastián and I are very excited to be able to emancipate this antihero classic and rekindle its story to reflect the changes we see today. "

The protagonist of Black Widow will also be the film's producer.

The renowned movie star and protagonist of films such as "Blac Widow", "Lucy", "Story of a marriage", "Captain America and the Winter Soldier", "The Island", "She" and many others will pass from be the MCU's favorite spy on a monster.

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"It will be a monster."

It will portray a woman who was created to be the ideal wife of a businessman, however, she has a strong rejection by her creator and this forces her to plan her escape from the confinement in which she is, the main obstacle she will have abroad is that people will see her as a monster.

At the same time, it is at this point where you will find your true identity and discover the enormous power you have and the strength that will be enough to be who you are.

On the other hand, a date on which this new production could be launched is still unknown, so it is expected that more information will be available very soon.

As to Sebastian Lelio, the best picture Oscar winner for "A Fantastic Woman", also Disobedience (2017), starring Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams; and Gloria Bell (2018), a remake of her own film Gloria (2013) which, on that occasion, was led by Julianne Moore.

The year of Frankenstein

It is worth mentioning that the literary work of Frankenstein Originally from the English writer María Shelley, it has had various adaptations.

It was a cold summer of 1816, the year one of the most disturbing novels in European literature was born, a group of friends from England settled in an elegant mansion called Villa Diodati in Switzerland, the writer Mary Shelley was inspired by the nature of the place, the ghost stories, and "galvanic" experiments to create one of the scariest horror stories, National Geographic would reveal.

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Today, actress Scarlett Johansson, 35, from Manhattan, New York, is one of the most important and sought-after movie stars of the 21st century.

A renowned career on the big screen has made this famous actress one of the most prominent in the brilliant world of the film industry.

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The American actress, model and singer who was born on November 22, 1984 showed concerns from an early age for the world of cinema and her talent has led her to be recognized worldwide.

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