School Guard Scott Peterson Faces Charges For Neglection In School Shooting

Scott Peterson was the former sheriff’s deputy and school resource officer.

He was posted at Marjory Stoneman Douglas Highschool in Parkland which faced one of the worst school shooting case in the US this year.

He was summoned to court, making his first appearance this Wednesday being charged for not protecting the students during the Mass shooting this Feb 14, 2018

Peterson was summoned in the court in Fort Lauderdale through a video link from the Broward County Jail.

The attack that had given rise to these charges was one of the worst cases of the school shooting in the USA this year.

The incident left 12 people dead which included innocent students, staff members, and teachers along.

More than ten people injured during the whole chaos and it was reported that when the attackers were attacking, Peterson got into hiding and a safe position instead of trying to protect the students.

He is said to have abandoned his duty and did nothing to save any child, and so is being charged for the same.

The charges that he is facing 11 charges that include culpable negligence, neglect of a child and perjury.

He is said to be the only armed guard at that time on campus and could have done something to save the kids, but was instead found to do nothing at all to mitigate the attack according to the statement by Flordia Department of Law Enforcement.

While his lawyers tried to defend him and make pleads for his release, the court denied all requests.


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