Selena Gomez appears with shaved hair and the photos go viral

Some photos of Selena Gomez, where she was captured with her new hair style, quickly went viral, however, there are several users who question the veracity of these photos.

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During this sanitary confinement, there have been many celebrities who have taken advantage to radically change the look. Well, everything seems to indicate that Selena Gomez made a peculiar change to her incredible hair, which we know was the protagonist in commercials for a well-known shampoo.

These speculations began when a Twitter account shared a snapshot of Selena Gomez, practically shaved, and another image of what appears to be the famous actress's cut hair, lying on the ground.

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These images became viral almost immediately, however, there were those who began to speculate and question the veracity of these photographs.

For its part, in a few moments another image appeared where the singer appears with very little hair while walking calmly down the street in a sports-style outfit.

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This added to the previous snapshots, this caused even more stir in the networks.
After this, in the networks there was no lack of users who began to make memes about this new look of Selena.

However, after arduous investigation, Selena fans discovered that the photographs are actually fake and that someone had edited them. The first of these went viral was taken from the Instagram of a stylist of the actress, who shared this image a few months ago.

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So, to continue with this, another internet user edited the second photograph in order to cause them to go viral and fans to go crazy with the supposed cut of the beautiful young woman's beautiful hair.

So, you should not worry, Selena continues to wear her long and beautiful hair, continues with her usual look with which she looks great. And even if the haircut we were talking about had been done, it would still look very beautiful.

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