Selling Sunset Seasons 6 & 7 Release Date, Storyline, Cast, Trailer Release and Everything You Need to Know

Selling Sunset Seasons 6 & 7 Release Date, Storyline, Cast, Trailer Release and Everything You Need to Know

Release Information for Selling Sunset Season 6: Cast, Storyline, Returning Cast, and Everything Else: Fans have been anticipating the debut of Selling Sunset Season 6 since the fifth season was released. As far as we are aware, Netflix has already renewed the seasons for the next seasons 6 and 7.

Fans may begin to wonder when we’ll see the original Oppenheim Group team after this week’s debut of Selling the OC, Netflix’s newest reality series, which introduces viewers to a new lineup of glitzy realtors.

The good news is that Netflix has decided to renew Buying Hollywood for a sixth and a seventh season, which means we will undoubtedly return to the West Hollywood office.

Selling Sunset Seasons 6 & 7 Release Date:

Selling Sunset Season 6 has not received an official announcement from Netflix. Netflix aired the Selling Sunrise Reunion episode on May 6, 2022, since and, fans have been anticipating the arrival of the new season.

The sixth season of Selling Sunset will be released on Netflix, as confirmed by the streaming service. However, the corporation has not provided an official date. The Oppenheim Group cast hasn’t been seen in a while, but the best part is that Delivering Sunset has been picked up for a sixth and a seventh season!

Christelle Sause, the star of the reality series, confirmed the information on Instagram and stated that “filming on season 6 begins this summer.” Although Netflix hasn’t given the next sixth season an official release date, filming is probably going to happen over the coming few months, and based on prior series, it might be available on Netflix six months from now.

In light of this, Selling Sunset season 6 is probably going to premiere in or around May 2023.

An insider exclusively revealed to Us that “everyone is quite happy” about the news. There is no release date yet for the fifth season of the show, which ended last month.

Seasons 6 and 7 won’t begin production right away, though, according to one source, so the cast can take “a little rest” before returning to work. (Referring to

Almanza Smith provided a preview of Seasons 6 and 7 of Selling Sunset while she awaited the arrival of her glam crew so that she could begin filming. The Selling Sunset producer and designer predicted that both seasons of the show would be broadcast in 2023 and that it would be available to view on Netflix “soon.”

Selling Sunset Seasons 6 & 7  Storyline:

More luxury residences, marital angst, friendship strife, and other things will be available to fans. There will also be the Christel and Jason, her boss, breakup issue. That will undoubtedly be very intriguing.

Bree Ties’ and Nicola Young joined the cast of Selling Sunset as two new actors. We recently welcomed two more girls to the cast. One female had already work for the Oppenheim company, the speaker stated of Young. She simply wasn’t one of the cast. She is therefore fresh to the programmer but not to the brokerage.

Maya Vander, a former cast member, will regrettably not be appearing in Selling Sunset’s sixth season. In an Instagram story, Maya discussed the subject and stated, “I elected not to go ahead with the programmer and this was not an obvious choice.” She continued, “Being a component of such a big hit is really great and I am so grateful.

Selling Sunset Seasons 6 & 7 Cast:

Mary Fitzpatrick, Christel Statues, Heather Renee El Moussa, Almanza Johnson, Brett, and Jason Oppenheim are among the original cast members. There is a chance that Davina Portray and Emma Hernan will return to the programmer.

Additionally, Chelsea Larkana appeared in Selling Sunset Season 5, while it is unclear if she will return for Season 6 or not. She was previously referred to as a “great addition” to the squad and is probably still employed by the organization.

Well, there is currently no official word on who will be returned and who will be dropped for the upcoming season. But for the sixth season, we anticipate those remaining cast members to return:

Page Six has received confirmation from Maya Vander that she won’t be returning to the programmer. She stated on the website, “I chose not to carry out my contract.” I want to concentrate on my children, and travelling coastline to coast is a lot, your Maya Vander Group stated. I adore everyone on the show, but I’m eager to expand my firm in South Florida.

Christine Quinn assured USA Weekend that she would be coming back. I am “In a Really Good Place” With Jason Now That I Left the Oppenheim Group, she declared. In April 2022, Quinn and her husband made the announcement that they were launching a business called Reopen that specialized in cryptocurrency-based real estate transactions.

Apparently, Vanessa Villella and her fiancé are relocating to London. So, it’s uncertain whether we’ll see her again.

We are unable to give you a complete list of the cast members since, as far as we are aware, the network has not yet provided information regarding the character of the following season. The Season 6 cast is listed below, according to reports. Look at this.

Speaking of newcomers, Seasons 6 and 7 will see the addition of real estate salespeople Nicola Young and Bree Ties’, according to Netflix. According to a news release, Nico is one of the brokerage’s top producing realtors, being referred to as “the ‘O.G.’ of The Oppenheim Group,” with $100M in sales.

Selling Sunset Seasons 6 & 7 Trailer Release:

She handled Mary and Romain’s wedding in prior seasons, so viewers might have seen her there. Bree, who was reared in Calabasas and is well-known for her consulting work in the luxury segment, has “a continuous and committed line of clients who solely work with her.”


In June, she gave birth to a baby named Legendary Love with her partner Nick Cannon. Cannon might perhaps make a appearance in the future season as well.

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