Several employees outraged with the introduction of Nike`s new daycare plan

Hundreds of employees are outraged as Nike plans to accommodate and include working fathers and mothers.

Nike is facing a lot of protest by its employees for expanding the child development program they have been running.

This perk is available at Nike`s headquarters near Oregon and Portland and it encompasses an on-site daycare facility.

According to the reports of Bloomberg, this program has been advantageous to over 500 families using this facility and there are more than that waiting in line to take advantage of this facility.

Nike`s partner, Endeavour Schools will be hosting the new location of Nike`s daycare facility because it is going to vacate its old location in order to accommodate more people who also want to get in to utilize the benefits of the program that has been running for decades.

Endeavor Schools undoubtedly had said that it is the United States` fastest growing company and has reported a revenue increase of 71.6 % in a time period of three years.

As per the Bloomberg`s reports, over 1300 people have signed a petition which was known to continue the children`s program on Nike`s Beaverton campus. This petition has also been signed by the parents who are currently on the waitlist.

The concerns of the employees are that in the Endeavour School campus, there may be certain unwanted changes that may be implemented and some have also complained of inconvenience that they will be facing due to this change.


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