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As you well know the remake of the film Space jam 1996 starring Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes is soon to be released, for this new version it will be the basketball player LeBron James who will lead the team of Los Looney tunes.

As you will remember, the title of the first film was "Space Jam: The game of the century", for this new edition we will have "Space Jam: New Legacy", at the time the star of the NBA It was Jordan, today who will represent him will be Lebron.

At first some Internet users did not agree with James being the protagonist, however little by little the idea was being accepted, it is inevitable not to adapt to the changes, surely this new version of Space jam It will be a success just as it was in 1996.

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The new film will be released on July 16, 2021, although the production team is already a few months away, the production team is already sharing key details that are exciting users.

Since the sequel was announced, little surprises have been shared that have greatly impacted the entire Internet, from the name of the new protagonist, as well as the full title of Space Jam and now the uniform that the players' team will wear.

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It was through the LeBron James Family Foundation account that the twelve-second video was shared in which the Los Angeles Lakers player of the NBA, in it we can appreciate the representative uniform of the Looney tunes.

When you see the colors and shapes that the uniform has, you will immediately recognize it because they used the text "Tune Squad" on their chest, next to it we can see the circles they used when finishing a cartoon and where Porky pig usually appeared in where he said "That's all folks" with his typical stutter.

As you will remember, the plot of the 1996 film focused on the career of Michael Jordan, because at that time he had decided to change basketball for baseball, however he was not doing as well as he thought, on the other hand the Looney Tunes with their success for years they had reached the screens of some aliens who had an amusement park, but it was not so famous.

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For this reason they decided to hire the Tunes to work in the park, however they made a deal if they won a basketball game they would stay at home and if they won they would go with them to their planet, the Nerdlucks cheated and stole their qualities of basketball to several NBA stars before this the Looney Tunes decided to ask Michael Jordan for help, thus becoming the game of the century.

At the time, the film was so successful because Michael Jordan was at the peak of his career and the Looney Tunes have never ceased to be a great influence for everyone, only that with this film they rebounded even more in popularity.

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Although at the moment it is not known if the plot of the film that will star Lebron James is similar to that of The Game of the Century of 1996, much is expected of it, because the advantage it has today is the technology that can create much more impressive effects than in those years.

Recently the movie Space Jam: The Game of the Century was included in the catalog of the Netflix platform and in a short time it became one of the favorite films and most viewed by users, that is why much is expected of the new production in 2021.

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