Sharper Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Sharper Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Sharper is one of a few high-profile movies with big names that will be coming out on Apple TV Bonus in 2023. Other titles include two high-profile documentaries about NBA superstar Steph Curry’s rise to fame (Stephen Curry: Underrated) as well as actor Michael J. Fox (STILL: A Michael J. Fox Movie); spy thriller Argyle, starring Henry Cavill; and Killers of the Flower Moon, starring Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Robert De Niro.

Now that you don’t have to wait any longer, Apple TV had also officially announced its plans for 2019. These include plans to add new TV shows and movies to streaming services. Sharper will show that nowhere in New York what is it seems to be and stick to the main idea.

It will be exciting to see how this movie is turned into a big screen movie. We’ve put together a short summary of everything you’ll need to know about the movie’s official date, plot, or cast, among other things, so that you can be excited and ready before it comes out on the streaming service.

Apple TV has eventually released its schedule for next year, which contains plans to put new movies and TV shows on streaming platforms. One of those is Sharper, that will stick to the major topic and show how nothing at all in New York what is it seems to be. It will be interesting to see how this story is turned into a movie.

So, we’ve put together a quick list of everything that you need to know out about movie’s officially announced release date, plot, or cast, among other things, so you can get ready and get excited before it comes out on the video service.

For many of us, going to the theatre or taking the opportunity to watch a movie at home is a way to feel that excitement, because we are lost in stories we don’t know, put ourself in other people’s perspectives, and see exciting things that would never happen in real life. Movies give us a chance to get away from our boring daily lives and have exciting, and sometimes life-changing, adventures.

No matter what else is taking place in the field of filmmaking, people will always want to watch movies that make their hearts beat faster. Scenes with drama, suspense, and chases are unlikely to get old. Unexpected things that happen in the thriller keep our adrenaline going and use a part of our minds that we don’t usually use.

Risky situations, plot twists, and rim drama provide the audience a real experience inside a safe setting, similar to the hurry we get from a wild ride. But it’s often forgotten that thrillers are often where writers and directors show their most innovative and creative sides. Since thrillers rely solely on keeping people interested, the people who make them are always looking for new ways to increase the tension.

Sharper Release Date

Sharper will come out with Apple TV on Feb 17, 2023, and in some theatres on Feb 10, 2023. Both announcements were made at the same time. It is likely to come out on the streaming at the exact time as other shows and movies, which really is 12 a.m. Pc/3 a.m. ET. People who want to know when the movie comes out on Apple TV can also set up alerts.

Sharper Cast

A next American comedy movie will be directed by Benjamin Caron. Brian Gatewood as well as Alessandro Tanaka created the script for it. The film’s main cast is made up of the following people: Max is played by Sebastian Stan, Tom is played by Justice Smith, Sandra is played by Briana Middleton, and John Lithgow is also in the cast.

In addition to Julianne Moore, Bart Freundlich, Brian Gatewood, and Alessandro Tanaka, the movie is also being made by Picturestart’s Jessica Switch and Erik Feig. Gatewood and Tanaka wrote the script. Julia Hammer but rather Amy Herman are both executive producers.

Sharper Trailer

The official 20-second teaser for the movie came out on November 3, 2022. It gives a summary of the story and has the tagline “Official Teaser: Sharper Coming this February.” Also, Apple Original Films and A24 have released the first stills and the official new trailer for one‘s strange drama Sharper. Both are included in this article. Check out the official trailer for Apple TV+ on its official Twitter account below:

Sharper Plot

The actual wording of a movie on Apple TV says, “From Apple Original Movies and A24, “Sharper” takes place in the secret information of New York City, as from penthouses on Fifth Avenue here to dark corners of Queens. When everything is not as it seems, it’s hard to tell what people are trying to do and what they expect. It is predicated on a script by Brian Gatewood as well as Alessandro Tanaka that appeared on The Black List for 2020, which is a list of scripts that won’t be shown in theatres this year.

Sharper is a neo-noir thriller about secrets and lies that takes place in New York City bedrooms, boardrooms, and bedrooms. Characters compete for wealth and power inside a high-stakes match of ambition, greed, lust, and jealousy that will maintain audiences guessing up to the end.

From the official plot summary, we can guess that Julianne Moore’s character, Madeline, is a smart, charming woman who works her way to the top of Manhattan’s billionaires. She will be the main character in Sharper. Max, who will be played by Sebastian Stan, is a smart con artist and Madeline’s son. He is known for creating and carrying out complex frauds that often pay out a lot of money.

The summary warns that everyone and everything is not what they seem to be. As Sharper shows how each of its protagonists tries to make money by fighting for power and pulling cons, there are sure to be many unexpected twists and turns.

Now that we know that Sebastian Stan but also Julianne Moore will appear in “Sharper,” the question is what they’ll be doing in the movie. And, according to Deadline, it looks like the two will be playing con artists with high stakes.

According to the official plot summary, “Sharper” will be about Moore’s character, a brilliant con artist who works her way up through Manhattan’s billionaire class. Stan, on the other hand, will play a smart con man who is known for establishing up and pulling off elaborate cons that usually make a lot of money.

At the moment, it’s not clear if Moore and Stans’ cons would go against each other because they both want to get the identical mark, if they’ll work together to get the same mark, or if they’ll be at odds at first but end up working together for a big score. We’d be fine with any of those, to be honest. And the fact that Julianne Moore but rather Sebastian Stan will be playing smooth-talking con artists makes it an official must-see film for anybody who says they like movies.

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