Paris, Reuters. There are indications of Iran being put on the black list of the FATF (Financial Action Task Force) if terrorist organizations do not follow the international norms for attacking the economy. Iran has already shied away from the international market due to US sanctions. FATF's blacklisting will add to its economic woes.

Decision will come after three years of warning

This decision will come after a warning given to Iran for the last three years. Earlier, the FATF has been consistently requesting Iran to abide by international agreements for the prevention of funding to terrorists. Transactions with banks and economic institutions that put Iran on the black list will be more rigorously reviewed. The activities of economic institutions related to Iran will be closely monitored. Pressure will be increased on Iran's banks and businesses.

Report: Report of newborns of two pregnant women of corona infected in Peru negative "src ="

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Not to take steps against terrorists will have to suffer serious repercussions

A diplomat related to the western country said that the announcement of Iran being put on the black list could be made at any time on Friday. This would cause Iran to suffer serious consequences for not taking steps against the terrorists. He will lose the ability to borrow, and will also be on the verge of being out of the world economy. A diplomat from another western country has also confirmed the process of putting Iran on the black list. It is worth mentioning that since the US came out of the nuclear deal in 2018, the situation in Iran is continuously deteriorating.

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Pakistan did not get relief, FATF retained in gray list

A big decision regarding Pakistan was delivered at the FATF (Financial Action Task Force) plenary session meeting in Paris. FATF has retained Pakistan in the gray list. During this, Pakistan was asked to be kept on the FATF watch list for terrorist funding.

Significantly, to stop the flow of black money, including terrorist funding, the FATF, a body formed to enact a uniform rule law, is going on in Paris since last Sunday and its decision came out on Friday.

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