Sisi Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Sisi Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

You could have developed a taste for retro TV after binge-watching a bunch of classic series, right? If that’s the case, you’ll love the Netflix series Sisi.

It’s a German drama about a woman called Elisabeth who was formerly the Duchess of Bavaria. I promise you that it is not dull; rather, it is fascinating and entertaining.

After a two-year hiatus, RTL+ has renewed the event series “Sisi” for a third season. Production on the follow-up has just started up, and we should see the new episodes sometime in 2023.

The principal roles of Sisi & Franz will be reprised by Dominique Devenport & Jannik Schümann. The following is a synopsis of the third and last installment of the epic series.

The third season of Sisi, a historical drama on Netflix, is highly recommended. Elisabeth, Empress of Austria, had a remarkable life that this biography details.

She has genuine style and speaks the truth. The series provides a new perspective on the Empress’s life and reveals a multifaceted person through the eyes of her closest confidants.

Sisi Season 3 Release Date:

The third season of the hit show about the famous empress has been approved. However, RTL+ has yet to reveal whenever the new episodes would premiere. There is no doubt that the next season will premiere on RTL+ & RTL in 2023.

Sisi Season 3 Trailer Release:

There is currently no Season 3 Sisi trailer accessible on the internet. Previous season trailers may be seen on the show’s official YouTube account.

Sisi Season 3 Cast:

  • Cristiana Capotondi as Empress Elisabeth
  • David Rott [de] as Franz Joseph I of Austria
  • Martina Gedeck as Sophie of Bavaria
  • Licia Maglietta as Ludovika of Bavaria
  • Herbert Knaup as Duke Maximilian Joseph in Bavaria
  • Christiane Filangieri [it] as Duchess Helene in Bavaria
  • Fritz Karl as Gyula Andrássy
  • Franziska Stavjanik [de] as Sophie Esterházy
  • Katy Saunders [de; it] as Ida Ferenczy
  • Christoph von Friedl [de] as Maximilian Anton
  • Xaver Hutter [de] as Ferdinand Maximilian (Maximilian I of Mexico)
  • Friedrich von Thun as Joseph Radetzky von Radetz
  • Federica De Cola [it] as Charlotte of Belgium (Charlotte of Mexico)
  • Erwin Steinhauer as Napoleon III
  • Andrea Osvárt as Eugénie de Montijo
  • Dieter Kirchlechner [de] as Otto von Bismarck

Sisi Season 3 Storyline:

Sisi and Franz’s lives should be picture-perfect after the birth of their son as successor to the throne. Instead, the couple’s happiness serves as the catalyst for internal strife and external power battles throughout Europe. Austria may be pushed into another war by Otto von Bismarck.

Sisi gives it her best to support her husband & her people. The empress is unable to find her own joy despite her deep love for Franz and several displays of diplomatic skill. Sisi continues to live like a bird trapped in a gilded cage.

A political assignment takes her to Hungary, where she meets Count Andrássy, the humble peasants of the Puszta, and the wild horses they steal together. Sisi is caught between her husband & the rebel commander, and must make a tough choice.

The narrative of the next season is also mostly unknown. According to the official synopsis, the forthcoming episodes will put Sisi and Franz’s relationship to the ultimate test.

Europe’s power battles, Vienna’s labor unrest, and disagreements over how to best educate their successor, Rudolf, all take their toll on the monarch and his wife.

In addition, Sisi must pass a major exam of her own. How can she defend her family in court without giving up on herself or resigning herself to a life without excitement?

The second section covers the years after Elisabeth’s coronation as Queen of Hungary in 1867. Sisi is depressed and unwilling to get back to public life after the loss of her daughter.

Franz battles with the independence while unification movements in the Italian provinces (Lombardy and Veneto) while Maximilian presents her to his fiancée, Charlotte of Belgium, and Sisi installs the young Hungarian countess Ida Ferenczy as her new lady-in-waiting.

He takes Field Marshal Radetzky’s instructions to heart and maintains a dictatorial stance. While Maximilian attempts to persuade his brother, Franz, to reconsider his views, Franz instead pursues a partnership with the French emperor to avoid a revolt in the Italian provinces.Napoleon III and his wife Eugénie pay a visit to the Austrian court to formally seal the partnership.

Sisi doesn’t hide the fact that she doesn’t trust Napoleon. The birth of Crown Prince Rudolf in 1858, however, brought her and Franz much joy.

Napoleon III, meanwhile, turns traitor against the Austrians by joining forces with the Piedmontese. Franz fights in the war and loses Lombardy after a terrible loss at the Battle of Solferino. Sisi is tending to injured troops who have returned to Vienna when Andrássy arrives to face her with the fallout from Franz Joseph’s actions. He also cautions them that Hungary might follow in the footsteps of the provinces of northern Italy.

While returning home, Franz is met with the opposition of his people, who prefer that his brother Maximilian, with whom he has fought due to his liberal views, ascend to the throne.

Sisi briefed him on Andrássy’s recommendations, and Franz used the October diploma to establish a parliament. But since it lacks governmental authority and is only consultative, Andrássy along with other Hungarians promptly reject it.

Sisi also learns that her young son was taken to a military institution, where he is being physically and verbally abused by his superiors.

She is determined to do something about it, but Franz Joseph & Archduchess Sophie have no intention of changing how they nurture their kid.

To avoid more conflict with Franz, Maximilian declares himself emperor in Mexico. Sophie can scarcely bring herself to say goodbye, realizing which her son Max would get no help from the Mexican people.

Doctors recommend that Sisi take a break in a warmer environment since her lung ailment, weight loss, and depression are all exacerbated by her inability to aid Franz, Maximilian, the Hungarians, or even her own son, Rudolf.

While on such a journey, she instructed the emperor to stop all communication with her until Rudolf had a new sort of education. She meets Count Andrássy, a secret lover, during a Venice masquerade event.

She gently refuses his kiss, however. Franz Joseph finally gives in and takes both of his children on a trip to visit Elisabeth after she ignored all of his letters for a while.

Where To Watch Sisi Season 3?

The first two seasons of Sisi the third season are already accessible via Amazon Prime Video, and the upcoming third season will follow suit. The third season of Sisi has a lot of people wondering what will happen in it.

The renewal of Sisi for a third season has not been announced. If the series goes into manufacturing, it will follow the precedent set by the previous two seasons and be made accessible on Amazon Prime Video.

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