Son of El Loco Valdés assures that he lost his hearing and reveals family problems

The son of Manuel "El Loco" Valdés He points out that his father has been losing part of his hearing and reveals family problems that have divided the family.

Marcos Valdés, the comedian's son recently revealed some details about the health of his father, the actor and commentator Manuel "El Loco" Valdés The person who points out no longer listens very well when they speak to him, since he has lost part of his hearing.

He also points out that he and his brother, Manuel They agree to visit their father as well as maintain close contact with their nurse.

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It is worth mentioning that the comedian lives with two of his sons Pedro and Pancho, who keep track of him for hours

The last time I spoke to her nurse (last week) she said she was stable and in a better mood.

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The comedian's current condition, he noted, is not a suffering but something that is already part of the age and only "you have to speak a little louder", he reiterates.

Regarding the relationship with family members ValdesHe confirmed that he is a nephew with whom things are not on very good terms.

According Marcos Valdes, the family and particularly his father and brothers, would not have a very good relationship with his nephew Iván Valdés, as announced by a well-known magazine.

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Apparently neither comedian, nor his children, would have a good relationship with this member of his family since he is fighting with one of his uncles, (brother of Marcos Valdés).

In broad strokes he explained that Ivan, he is the son of his brother George, who lost his life in 1997 after some problems with alcohol and drugs.

As detailed in the publication, frames He has not attempted to approach Ivan for strong reasons:

I ignore these people. My brothers do not want him and he cannot enter my dad's house. Why didn't Pupi (Ricardo Alejandro) go to my brother's funeral, if he was his uncle? Why was Pupi handling all my dad's things and not him anymore?

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On the other hand, he points out that he no longer wants to play the game giving more statements on the subject or talking about it.

He also pointed out that it is a "great lie that his father forbade him from talking about Ivan (his grandson).

That is one of the biggest lies, and it makes me laugh, because he is “El Loco” Valdés, my nephew can say what he likes.

However, Marcos Valdes if you made it clear that Ivan he cannot enter his father's house since none of his brothers supports him.

What I know is that you are not welcome in that house. I sign that. The biggest problem is with my brother Manuel.

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It should be mentioned that Ivan, the comedian's grandson worked more than 10 years With him as his assistant, Marcos reveals, "it was not his manager," "his gold minita was my dad," said "El Loco" Valdés' son, according to TVyNovelas.

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