Sony Pictures negotiates that Netflix distributes the movie Masters of the Universe


He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

After years trying to develop his He-Man franchise in the cinema, Sony Pictures could end up taking the film “Masters of the Universe” that they have directly to the Netflix streaming service. This is stated by THR, where a source of the study has told them that two companies would be in initial negotiations.

This move by Sony would imply a lower profitability in case of a great success of the project, but it would greatly reduce the risk. Faced with the usual approach of looking for a studio or funder to partner to carry out the project, in order to manage rights and territories, selling distribution rights to Netflix ensures the income they will obtain for the film, completely forgetting about the ticket office.

It is a logical movement given the current situation of Sony Pictures. Apart from the successes of Spider-Man films, the company faces losses caused by huge marketing investments in films that did not seem to have the wind in favor, such as the recent case of the restart “Men in Black: International”, so this would be a way to stabilize the company's financial balance. It should be noted that this movement is already being done by Paramount, who are going to start making films with total – or almost full – exclusivity for Netflix.

All this jumps a few weeks after knowing that Sony Pictures was happening to Paramount the Harbinger franchise, the adaptation of the Valiant Entertainment comics.

Sony has been developing Masters of the Universe since 2007, while Netflix is ​​already broadcasting the animated series “She-Ra and The Princesses of Power” and recently the also animated series has been announced “Masters of the Universe: Revelation”, so the platform's interest in the He-Man franchise seems obvious. We do not know how this sale would affect the premiere originally set for March 2021.

Via information | THR


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