Space Jam 2, the black irony of fans goes crazy via social after a tweet from LeBron James

It all started with a Tweet from LeBron James, protagonist in the role of himself of the long-awaited Space Jam – New Legends. The superstar of the NBA and actor wrote: “It’s all a lot of fun until the rabbit hangs the gun“, referring to the brutality of American law enforcement against the African American population.

From there the black irony of Space Jam fans went crazy, who started sharing jokes, videos and memes via Twitter obviously referring to Bugs Bunny, who however was not the protagonist of the tweet. You can read them at the bottom.

The story of the sequel directed by Malcolm D. Lee stars James as James ready to embark on a mission to save his son and even himself from being trapped forever in the digital world due to a mad thief of artificial intelligence (played by Don Cheadle). Different story, similar solutions, in the end.

Produced by Ryan Coogler (Creed, Black Panther), to the screenplay he and brother Keenan, which thanks to the prolonged gestation time due to covid, together managed to find the right dimension for a film that was really awaited. Coogler says it himself: “The general idea was James’s paternity exam and how this could be specific to him. “. And James is actually the father of three, so that’s something.

Space Jam: New Legacy will be released in American cinemas and on HBO Max on July 16, 2021.

Let us know what you think in the comments at the bottom of the news. We also remind you that Warner Bros has decided to eliminate Pepé the Skunk from the Looney Tunes Pepé for reasons related to sexism and abuse.

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