Spider-Man 4, all about the film with Tobey Maguire ever made!

Waiting for confirmation on the increasingly rumored return of Tobey Maguire in the role of Spider-Man for the third film starring Tom Holland, let's retrace the stages of the lack of development of Spider-Man 4, the film never made by Sam Raimi.

Despite the poor reception given by a large part of critics and audiences, Spider-Man 3 managed to gross a good 895 million dollars, resulting in third place in the 2007 box office ranking. Reason why Sony Pictures did not hesitate to start the pre- production of Spider-Man 4 with a release date set for May 6, 2011 and the return of the director along with key cast members.

At the beginning of 2010, however, the postponement to a later date, due to some problems related to the script: the studio and Raimi had not yet managed to find an agreement on the direction of the project. The filmmaker wanted Vulture as the main villain, a role that had already been entrusted to John Malkovich, while Sony also insisted on including a romantic plot involving Peter and Black Cat.

After a series of screenwriters had tried to iron out the problems by pleasing both sides, the script was entrusted to Alvis Sargent, author of the screenplay for Spider-Man 2, still today one of the most popular cinecomics of all time. Due to the bad experience with the third chapter, however, Raimi decided to postpone the work until the script was fully completed.

When the problems seemed to be resolved, with the shooting that should have started in February 2010, that's it came the bolt from the blue: Deadline revealed that Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire had left production and that Sony Pictures already had plans for a reboot of the franchise for 2012, which later revealed itself as The Amazing Spider-Man. Among the reasons for the renunciation, in addition to the creative differences already mentioned, there was also the desire of the studio to publish the film at all costs in the summer of 2011, a timing that Raimi did not believe he could respect also due to the desire to implement the 3-D technology.

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A few days after the announcement, Vulture exclusively released details on the alleged plot of Spider-Man 4: "Peter Parker breaks up with Mary Jane, finds a new girlfriend and falls in love. However: Peter discovers that his father is actually the Vulture, a villain dressed in green with wings who will be played by John Malkovich. Peter is torn between The love of his new girlfriend and the challenge with the Vulture. Unable to give up spandex, he decides to face the Vulture and kill him. But the girl takes it badly and rejects him. Discouraged, Peter decides to give up his powers and the film ends with Peter Parker throwing off his Spider-Man mask. "

In the meantime, we remind you that the filming of the third Spider-Man of the MCU is taking place in this period in view of the release scheduled for December 2021.

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