Spider-Man, Tom Holland broke the computer when he found out he was Spidey in the MCU

The role for which Tom Holland has become famous and loved by the general public is obviously that of Spider-Man in Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it turns out that getting this part wasn't a piece of cake for the performer, who has been agonizing for months waiting to find out the result of his casting.

In a recent interview with Variety, Holland himself also admitted that after the fear and anguish of waiting, even after the first weeks of work started on the set he was afraid of being fired from Marvel Studios for the lacking quality of his work, in full anxiety about performance.

Holland still tells his audition: "I was called to Atlanta and it was me and six other guys and Robert Downey Jr. was there too. We did all our auditions with him and he was crazy. It's definitely the best audition I've ever had, because we were really connecting with him and me. My agents told me that Marvel likes the fact that you learn the lines perfectly, without improvising too much. Then, on the first take, Downey completely changed the scene to play. We then started improvising with each other, so, to look a bit of a jerk, I called my mom after the audition and said 'I think I got the part'".

It's still: "Six weeks later we went back to Atlas, me and another guy, and we shot this fight scene against Chris Evans as Captain America. At that point it was a pretty surprising experience, even if I didn't get the part I still got to those heats, let's say. Back home, I went to play golf with my dad. I was shocked and I remember obsessively checking Instagram and Marvel had posted an image of Spider-Man, from the cartoon. But no one had called me back yet ".

And he concludes: "I took the computer and did a press review. I still have the first article I found saved in memory. It said 'we would like to introduce our new Spider-Man, Tom Holland'. I threw my computer into the air, breaking it. bed, my dog ​​went crazy. I was shouting at my family 'I got the part, I got the part.' But no one had called me yet and my brothers Harry, quite tech savvy, would say 'it's not possible, they didn't call you, they will surely have hacked them ', because it was the time of the Sony Gate. Shortly after the studio called me and made the news official..

We leave you to our special dedicated to Spider-Man 3 of the MCU.

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