Spy City Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Spy City was made by William Boyd, and Miguel Alexandre was in charge of the show. Both viewers and critics have said great things about the thriller series.

Fans are looking forward to the second season of Spy City because the first season ended on a cliffhanger. So, let’s look at when season 2 of Spy City will come out.

We know you’re impressed by Spy City, which isn’t surprising since we’ve seen the great actors and great plot. You may be wondering if there will only be one season 2 or if, although if we don’t like it, they’ve definitely cancelled it.

Spy City is a sequence that a lot of people like, especially people who are always interested in war and the military. It will start in 2020.

Spy City Season 2 Release Date:

There have been no announcements about when season 2 of Spy City will come out. Since the end of the first season two years ago, the production company hasn’t said anything about when season 2 will be out. We can anticipate the next season to come out sometime in early 2023.

Spy City Season 2 Trailer Release:

Spy City season 2 doesn’t have a trailer yet, which is too bad. Fans can anticipate a trailer to come out once the deadline for the season 2 has been set.

Spy City Season 2 Cast:

As we’ve already talked about, not much is known about Spy City season 2. This has information about the cast as well. Many of the actors already have died in the first season, so they won’t be back for the second.

Fielding Scott, played by Dominic Cooper, is expected to be back, as are Eliza Hahn, played by Leonie Benesch, Reinhart, played by Ben Münchow, and Ulrike Faber, played by Johanna Wokalek. Tom Ashley as George Brotherton, Rupert Vansittart as Ian Stuart-Hay, Adrian Lukis as Aldous Petrie, Tonio Arango as August Froben, Luká Bech as Vasily Lubkov, and Mark Zak as Viktor Kovrin may also be back for the second season.

Spy City Season 2 Storyline:

The series begins in 1960, when Scott is in Berlin on what seems to be an easy job. Once British intelligence officer Haldane attempts to assassinate Scott, however, things change. Scott ultimately kills Haldane in self-defence. Because of this, Scott has been taken off duty by his bosses.

Getting back to the present, Ian Stuart-Hay brought Scott back in 1961. He is sent on a top-secret quest to Berlin.

Scott teams up with Severine Bloch, a French agent, and Conrad Greer, an American agent who used to work with him. Manfred Ziegler is a scientist who is starting to work on a space craft for the Soviets. The mission for the three agents is to save him.

But things don’t go as planned because a Stasi agent gives Scott’s secret away. They are died by Stasi agents before they can save Ziegler and his family.

In another part of the series, a hidden Stasi spy is found out. But can Scott and his team start figuring out the identity of this person is before the Russians find out everything they know?

The end of Spy City was both interesting and a lot to take in. Scott got revenge for Severine by trying to kill Hoff in a pretty harsh scene.

He after which breaks down and cries in his room for two days. But Scott also finds the response to the series’ most important question.

We won’t give away the ending by telling you the answer here. But watch the first season of Spy City if you want to know who the mole is.

In the meantime, the 13th of August finally comes. As the Berlin Wall is being built, Eliza, Reinhart, and Faber are stuck in East Germany behind the wall. But overall, the show ends very quickly and doesn’t have a good ending.

The series is about an English spy named Fielding Scott. The series is about Scott, who is sent to Germany to find the molarity in the system. It takes place in 1961.

The Russians are obtaining all the information they need from a secret real source first before Berlin Wall is built. Scott needs to find out who it is and kill them. Spy City follows him on his dangerous mission through the city.

Fielding Scott is a spy from England. In the first season, which takes place in 1961, Scott goes to Germany to find the mole. Just prior to the Berlin Wall is built, the Russians find out everything through a secret source.

Scott has to find the person who did it and catch them. Scott’s dangerous journey will be the focus of Spy City.


Spy City has been praised by both critics and audiences. The mystery thriller series has a score of 70% on Rotten Tomatoes, 6.9 out of 10 on IMDb, and 3 out of 5 on Common Sense.


From a standpoint of history, Spy City is interesting. The Berlin Wall as well as the Soviet Union are great settings for a spy series with characters from France, Britain, the United States, and Russia. But by the season’s final one, the plot of Spy City starts to drag and feels forced.

In a spy thriller, you would anticipate the characters to be interesting and fun. Sad to say, you are going to be let down. The characters haven’t been made right, and they haven’t grown or changed. The show has a good grasp of history.

Spy City’s first season was like a roller coaster, with some parts that were boring and others that were very interesting.

How Many Episodes Will Be in Season 2 of Spy City?

The highly anticipated season finale of the critically acclaimed TV show Spy City is currently in production. The show’s devotees have been eagerly waiting to hear that it will be renewed, and now they don’t have to wait any longer.

On the other hand, there is still an important issue that needs to be resolved: how so many episodes will the next season have?

At this point, it hasn’t been decided how many episodes there will be. The writers and producers of the show may still be working out the plot of the second season, so the exact episode count could change in the due to come weeks or months.

At this point, it’s safe to say that Season 2 of Spy City will have at least 6 episodes. This is the average number of occurrences for showcases on the network, and the creators of Spy City are probable to stay with this format for the rest of the show’s run.

Where To Watch Spy City Season 2:

Spy City has become popular because its plot and characters are so interesting. You can watch season 1 of Spy City on fuboTV, AMC+ Amazon Channel, and AMC+ before season 2 comes out. Locations like Apple iTunes, Amazon Video, Vudu, and Google Play Movies let people rent or buy the series.

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