SSC CGL Recruitment: What Are Top 17 Job Posts And Why?

We all want a perfect job since it makes us respectable in society. Students have always been excited to apply for the SSC CGL process to fulfill their dream of having an alluring career in a Government organization. Hope you get the expected score to meet SSC CGL Cut Off to kick off your career in your favorite field.

Most of you probably have applied or are supposed to apply next year. While applying, candidates are asked to choose an interesting post. SSC CGL Exam Dates are around the corner and you probably have been running curious to know about different posts options, features, job duties, pay scale, etc. Put a full stop over your dilemma as we are going to mention a detailed report on it.

Top 17 Job Posts: Pay Scale and Job Duties

Currently, the SSC CGL Recruitment process covers 33 job posts. It means candidates would be having incredible options to choose from while it makes them confused too. Therefore, we are going to mention 17 popular job posts with pay scales and job duties. The common thing about all these job posts is their pay scale of 9300-34800. Let us check it out –

  1. Income Tax Inspector has always been a high in demand job post as it is known for local traveling and conducting raids. They also assess, verifying, and process individuals/businesses’ IT records.
  2. Assistant in the Ministry of External Affairs covers different duties such as
  • Emailing,
  • Calling,
  • Typing,
  • Compiling Reports,
  • Updating About Events,
  • Maintaining The Files
  1. Do you want to apply for an Assistant Audit Officer position? This job post is responsible for conducting audits of govt/public organizations. If you have always been interested in auditing then it is worthy to choose.
  2. Choosing an Inspector/Examiner job post means you will be accountable for clerical/file oriented job duties.
  3. Preferring Inspector/Central Excise post means you will be performing different job duties such as executive work, clerical/file work, and detection of evasion of taxes, etc.
  4. Being an Assistant in AFHQ means candidates would be doing a different kind of paperwork, maintaining reports and constant follow up of cases.
  5. If you want to serve the railway then prefer Assistant in the Ministry of Railway. This job post includes clerk based work.
  6. Assistant in the Intelligence Bureau is worthy to make anyone feel proud. You will be hired being an investigative officer doing computer and data-related work.
  7. If you apply for Inspector/Preventive Officer, you will be doing duties of executive work, clerical work, and customs duty on goods-oriented work.
  8. The Assistant Enforcement Officer is responsible for monitoring money laundering cases.
  9. Assistant (Central Vigilance Commission) is regarded as being a bit different among others since candidates would be doing a variety of duties such as updating case files, maintaining records, keeping an eye on vigilance activities, and contacting respective depths.
  10.  The next on the list is Assistant Section Officer (CSS) where you will be responsible for preparing different types of notes, studies, and reports to send to their seniors.
  11.  Sub Inspectors (CBI) will be working with state police. Candidates will be having a training duration of 32 weeks. It is a bit of a challenging job.
  12. Assistant (Other Ministries) is hired to work in government organizations such as –
  • Department of Personnel & Training,
  • Parliamentary Affairs,
  • Election Commission etc.
  1.  A divisional Accountant (CAG) will be hired to do auditing related work. This job is to tend to fewer transfers. If you have an interest in CAG it is worth it.
  2. The Inspector (Narcotics) will be responsible for monitoring smuggling prohibited drugs. They also conduct periodic checks on platforms.
  3.  Assistant (Other Ministries) are responsible to work under government organizations including
  • department of Personnel & Training
  • Parliamentary Affairs
  • Election Commission

Though it is difficult to say which one is the best since these all job posts are just amazing in their ways. Whether you want to prefer based on the pay scale or job duties, you truly are going to have a bright future. All you need to do is focus on your preparation to crack the exam.

Conclusion –

The list of job posts does not end here since there is a total number of 33. You may prefer the right one as per your interest. Hope this content helped you to make the right choice along with enhancing your knowledge.

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