Stallone or Schwarzenegger: Who has the best action movies

This tremendous battle has been going on for years since its inception, one more debate was directed at the film industry, in this case its two men of action: Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Sachwarzenegger.

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We know that they both come from the same school, where punches and weapons were used merely for the entertainment of the spectators, we also know the great rivalry between them, as well as their mutual hatred.

Mr. Stallone confirmed this a few years ago: “I hated him (Arnold). The producers told me that if I didn't sign a contract, he would take the role. We were very competitive ”, Sylvester represented American power with its Italian roots, meanwhile, Arnold was the American dream: an Austrian model who made it big in Hollywood.

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But who was the winner of all these fights? Who made the best movies? Who turned out to be the best man-of-action performer? Who was better? Who won the movie war? Let's try to figure out which muscles win the battle.

So we come to the question: Does a comparison really need to be made? After all, the action movies that characterize both figures require a lot of bullets, blood, blows and all kinds of weapons.

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From what we got to make the decision to say that indeed, the good performance counts, it could be said that Arnold deserves applause because, despite its limitations (marked accent), it managed to diversify a bit with comedies, something that Stallone rescinded when seeing the bad reception of their attempts as “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot. "

And, despite its own restrictions, Stallone has shone brighter with some roles that get under the skin of anyone, not in vain does he have two Oscar nominations for his role as Rocky.

Stallone is Rocky and Rambo. Yes, he has other roles, but he really won over the audience for these two and for his part, Arnold has played much more endearing roles, the former "Governaitor" beat the predator, escaped Mars in Total Recall and, last but not least , is Conan the Barbarian and Terminator.

Being two action figures, it is irreparable the fact of comparing the murderous muscles of this pair, although, they say that size does not matter, but Arnold has gigantic arms, difficult to overlook, Sylvester also, but come on, Arnold is larger.

Stallone became part of pop culture for this phrase spoken at the end of Rocky, as well as his scene climbing the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, but those moments do not exceed a "Goodbye, baby!" and I'll be back".

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