Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 8 Easter Eggs & References

Janet Kidder as Osyraa

Does Janet Kidder seem familiar to you? Well, it’s not an Easter egg to notice an actress that seems familiar, but for genre fans, Janet Kidder had recurring roles in both The Man in the High Castle and the time-travel series Continuum. She also bears a striking resemblance to Lois Lane actress Margot Kidder, and that’s because Janet Kidder is Margot’s niece.  

Jonathan Frakes is about to tie his TNG directorial record

This is the second episode this season to be directed by Jonathan Frakes, the previous one being “People of Earth.” Frakes is slated to direct one more episode this season, Episode 12, “The Good of the People.” That makes six episodes of Discovery directed by Frakes since 2017. If you count the two episodes he directed of Star Trek: Picard, this means Frakes has now directed the same number of episodes of “New Trek” as he directed episodes of The Next Generation. To be clear, he also directed two feature films (First Contact and Insurrection) and three episodes each of Deep Space Nine and Voyager. Still, assuming Frakes directs episodes of Discovery Season 4, Picard Season 2, and Strange New Worlds, we’re probably like a year away from him starting to overtake his ‘90s-era Trek directorial record!

Brandon Schultz and Kenneth Lin

The writers of this episode are Kenneth Lin and Brandon Schultz. This appears to be Kenneth Lin’s first Discovery episode. But, fans should already be aware of Brandom Schulz. Last year, he wrote the gorgeous Short Treks episode, “The Girl Who Made the Stars.” 

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“Hit It”

Saru is working on his catchphrase to give orders in a cool way and having a rough time. Having Captain Pike say “Hit it” was first introduced in Discovery Season 2’s debut episode, “Brother.” But, it should be noted that Pike said “Engage!” in the TOS pilot  “The Cage.” Captain Freeman faced a similar debacle in Lower Decks earlier this year. 

Verubin Nebula 

Stamets and Adira have tracked the origin of the Burn to the “Verubin Nebula.” This appears to be a new Nebula in the Trek canon, but it sure sounds like an old one, doesn’t it?

Federation Distress Signal 

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