Star Trek: Lower Decks Episode 2 Easter Eggs & References

Discovery Spore Alien reference

After Mariner shirks the alien right down to measurement, it appears to get itself embedded within the uniform of Captain Freeman. This might reference a small spore alien that was embedded in Tilly’s uniform in Discovery season 1, solely to remerge in season 2, pretending to be Tilly’s previous junior excessive buddy, Might.

“It’s warp time!” 

Captain Freeman mentions she desires a cool catchphrase to sign when the Cerritos goes into warp. Clearly, Picard’s catchphrase “Interact,” is essentially the most well-known of those sorts of issues, even when it was first uttered by Captain Pike in “The Cage.” In Trek 2009 Pike stated “Punch It” earlier than going into warp, in a sort of overt Han Solo/Lando Calrissian reference. In Discovery, Pike says “Hit It.” 

Castro on the Enterprise 

The Lower Decks gang briefly talks about somebody named Castro who apparently served on the Enterprise for “like a minute.” Relevantly, at the moment, in 2380, Picard continues to be in control of the Enterprise-E albeit with out Riker and Troi. So far as we are able to inform, “Castro” has by no means been talked about or seen in TNG or any of the movies prior to now.

“All Klingon names have an apostrophe for some purpose”

This remark about Klingon names is clearly not totally true. In truth, a lot of the early Klingons — Kor, Koloth, Kang and even Worf — would not have apostrophes of their names. The preponderance of apostrophes in Klingon names possible begins with the TNG episode “Coronary heart of Glory,” by which we study there may be  Okay’Tinga class Klingon ship, and met a Klingon named Okay’Nera.

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Getting married in a costume uniform

Mariner provides Boimler grief about the truth that he’s sporting a extra formal costume uniform by saying, “Good costume uniform. You getting married after this.” In TNG and Voyager, a costume uniform typically appeared in marriage ceremony episodes, notably in “Knowledge’s Day.” The costume uniform in Lower Decks is seeming incongruous with the largely white costume uniforms worn by the Enterprise crew in Nemesis, only a yr prior in 2379. That stated, the uniforms of the Cerritos already signify a throwback vibe to the TNG uniforms than something seen within the TNG movies.

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