Star Trek: Lower Decks Episode 2 Overview: Envoys

This Star Trek: Lower Decks assessment incorporates spoilers.

Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 1, Episode 2

Should you didn’t like the primary episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks, the second episode is just not right here to stroll something again. Structurally and tonally, “Envoys,” is definitely so much like “Second Contact,” that there’s an argument to be made that it ought to have both aired third or as a part of a two-episode debut evening for the season premiere. Lower Decks is poised to inform a number of various kinds of Trek tales. That stated, “Envoys” largely settles on acquainted territory: The idea that some aliens will not be precisely what they appear.

Anybody who's watching very intently will discover that the shapeshifter that Boimler and Mariner briefly encounter really derives from The Animated Sequence episode, “The Survivor.” Simply in case you missed it, it’s the many-tentacled creature who's impersonating an Andorian, after which turns into little child Andorian, then an orange squid-looking factor. Because it floats away, Boimler says “Ah, shapeshifter, boo.” The livid Andorians level out, “That Vendorian was a thief, and also you let him get away!” Once more, it’s actually been since 1973 since we’ve seen a Vendorian, a shapeshifter not solely can flip into different individuals however in TAS, additionally briefly changed into one of many Enterprise’s deflector screens. 

This will likely appear to be a bizarre element to linger on, however the Vendorian shapeshifter from TAS is type of the entire level of the episode, no less than, thematically. On the very begin of the episode, Tendi and Mariner encounter a really acquainted sort of Star Trek alien; creature of pure vitality making grandiose calls for. TOS followers will likely be reminded of the hate-creature from “Day of the Dove,” or the worry creature from “Wolf within the Fold.” In any case, Mariner isn’t actually placing up with its nonsense, which telegraphs out her entire perspective later. Whereas Boimler falls fairly to numerous acquainted Trek plot units — a seductress that can be a monster, the aforementioned tentacled shapeshifter — Mariner breezes by way of all the pieces like all of that is previous hat.

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