Star Wars: 25 Best Spaceships

What would Star Wars be with out the various cool area ships that populate its universe? From starfighters to navy cruisers and worn hunks of junk that separate Star Wars from the chrome aesthetic of numerous different sci-fi tales, this huge armada is a real marvel of cinema and the science fiction style. 

For the reason that launch of A New Hope in 1977, we have seen loads of superior ships on display, on ebook covers, and in comedian ebook panels. Who can neglect the primary time they laid eyes on an X-wing because it ready to assault the Demise Star? Or the Millennium Falcon, because it made its escape from Tatooine? You may't probably neglect the cry of a TIE fighter as soon as you have heard it. 

We love so many of those ships that we have determined to checklist our favorites in no sort of specific order. We're not rating them. We simply need to recognize the most effective elements of Star Wars. Oh, and we're taking a look at each Legends and new canon ships. As a result of continuity would not actually matter on this case. That mentioned, we'll warn you now that you just will not see the Demise Star or Starkiller Base on this checklist. One's an area station and the opposite is an ice planet. Not the identical factor. That is to not say they don't seem to be the good issues ever, although!

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Now, if you do not have the time to learn by means of this whole checklist, that is high quality. We have got you lined on that, too. Try the highest 10 coolest Star Wars spaceships on this useful five-minute video:

Now, on with the 25 finest Star Wars ships!


First Look: A New Hope

For the reason that starship battles in A New Hope have been modeled after real-world dogfights, X-wings match the position of the fast, darting fighter planes that fought in them. Their maneuverability and the break up wings that match the X of their identify make them one of many coolest starship designs in Star Wars, utilized by the heroes of each the Unique Trilogy and The Power Awakens. Poe Dameron’s black-and-orange T-70 is the evolution of the basic T-65, with the identical sharp ferocity. The X-wing is the ship of heroes, and it appears the half.

TIE Fighter

First Look: A New Hope

Few can neglect the cry of a TIE fighter, because it zooms over their heads or proper at them at harmful speeds. Though it's completely the Empire's most expendable starship, it's also its most iconic. The unique TIE fighters from A New Hope have been white in shade, whereas those in Empire and Jedi have been a bit grayer, with blue-ish hues. The signature shriek of the fighter was created by combining an elephant's scream with the sound of a automotive driving on a moist street. 

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Millennium Falcon

First Look: A New Hope

Do not panic—we did not neglect the quickest hunk of junk within the galaxy! I might say that is probably the most iconic starship in all of Star Wars. On the middle of your complete Unique Trilogy (and it makes a look-and-you'll-miss-it cameo within the Prequels, too!), the Falcon rightfully grew to become one of many standout icons of the Sequel Trilogy, too.

The Falcon spans a lot of the movie saga, and in case you delve into the Expanded Universe, it has fairly the historical past of names, paint jobs, and homeowners. Most famously, Lando Calrissian misplaced the ship to Han Solo in a card recreation. And whilst you'll typically surprise why so many individuals cherish this "rubbish" ship, as Rey so eloquently places it in The Power Awakens, the Falcon at all times has some surprises left in her sweetheart, together with secret storage compartments beneath the ground panels and twin AG-2G quad laser cannons that greater than make up for the ship's very moody hyperdrive.

Tremendous Star Destroyer

First Look: The Empire Strikes Again

You completely bear in mind Darth Vader's flagship, Executor, from The Empire Strikes Again and Return of the Jedi. The ship that hunted Luke Skywalker and the Riot was the identical one which later crashed into the Demise Star II's floor throughout the Battle of Endor. It is fairly poetic that it is a Insurgent A-wing—one of many fleet's smaller fighters—that finally offers the killing blow.

Nonetheless, the Tremendous Star Destroyer (or Executor-class Star Dreadnought) is a sight to behold, because it overshadows the Star Destroyers that when loomed over our heads within the opening scene of A New Hope. Surprisingly, the Executor had a reasonably brief lifespan of virtually 4 years earlier than its final destruction. One other Tremendous Star Destroyer, Ravager, grew to become the Empire's prized possession within the novel Aftermath earlier than it was additionally destroyed within the Battle of Jakku. It is the identical fallen Star Destroyer we see in The Power Awakens!

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First look: A New Hope

Almost each starship from the Unique Trilogy is iconic, and that’s actually true for the Y-wing, a favourite of Unique Trilogy followers and collectors. Usually used as bombers, Y-wings have been in service throughout the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil Struggle. Not fairly as maneuverable as X-wings, Y-wings may however dodge with the most effective, whereas carrying two crew members and heavy ordinance. Their distinctive tuning fork form immediately evokes the struggle in opposition to the Empire.


First look: Return of the Jedi

The following step up from the Y-wing on the subject of heavy-ordinance starfighters is the B-wing. What it sacrifices in maneuverability it makes up for in firepower, being a formidable deterrent in opposition to capital ships when partnered with different starfighters. The B-wing’s precarious-looking upright spike design was launched in Return of the Jedi and joined the ranks of immediately recognizable Unique Trilogy ships. Rebels expanded on its historical past when Hera Syndulla discovered a reclusive engineer engaged on a prototype. She satisfied him that she was the fitting pilot for the precarious prototype, which ultimately led to this ship changing into a key asset for the Riot.

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Snoke's Supremacy Flagship

First look: The Final Jedi

With Supreme Chief Snoke’s want to out-Empire the Empire got here an intimidating starship: the Supremacy made its debut in The Final Jedi and have become one of many largest vessels ever put in a Star Wars film. Its winglike form units it aside from the Star Destroyer dagger form, whereas the black paint and slender profile create an identical aura of menace. In response to canon lore, the flagship contained R&D labs and factories to construct smaller autos and weapons in addition to docking bays for the fleet and residing quarters for troops. The Supremacy’s best second may need been its destruction when Admiral Holdo’s hyperspace leap created a visually hanging rip by means of the flagship.

Slave I

First Look: The Empire Strikes Again

For the primary few years of its recognition, we did not even see the Slave I in battle, and we would not see what this ship may actually do on display till Assault of the Clones. Like its bounty hunter pilot, the ship is outfitted with a number of weapons, together with laser cannons, seismic prices, and projectile launchers. Make no mistake about it, although, this ship is most well-known for being Boba Fett's chosen mode of transportation. And its distinctive design additionally helps it stand out.

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The Ghost

First look: Rebels

Rebels is the story of a discovered household, so the group’s ship, The Ghost, must really feel like dwelling. Adorned with work by resident artist Sabine Wren and posters hung by Ezra Bridger and Zeb, the Ghost’s residing quarters captures the lived-in feeling of basic Star Wars. The Ghost can also be struggle machine and Jedi coaching middle: Kanan Jarrus teaches Ezra whereas standing dangerously and thrillingly on prime of the ship. Hera Syndulla exhibits off her piloting abilities on the helm, a storied profession which ends up in the ship’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it look in Rogue One. Technically, the Ghost is a modified Corellian VCX-100 mild freighter, and sports activities a one-pilot shuttle referred to as the Phantom (later changed by the Phantom II), which may dock with the freighter’s prime.

Jedi Starfighter

First Look: Assault of the Clones

The following within the roster of heroes’ ships is the Aethersprite-class mild interceptor, extra generally often known as the Jedi starfighter and popularized by Anakin and Obi-Wan within the Prequels. With their shiny colours and talkative astromech droids, these ships contributed to the characters of the Jedi and appeared fairly cool whereas they have been doing it, particularly twisting round within the lovely Battle of Coruscant in the beginning of Revenge of the Sith. Just like the Jedi, the Aethersprites are agile and fast—and didn’t fare very effectively in Order 66.

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Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle

First Look: Return of the Jedi

Whereas the TIE fighter is the enduring Imperial ship, with its screeching noise, the Lambda-class shuttles have been iconic Imperial vessels in their very own proper. In bizarre distinction to the Mon Calamari cruisers utilized by the Riot, the Lambdas have an natural symmetry to them, like a spiny underwater fish. The Sentinel-class shuttle may be very related in form however was developed barely earlier, and that is the ship you are extra prone to see on Star Wars Rebels than within the films. Each the Empire and Darth Vader use the Lambda shuttles to journey between Imperial capital ships and the Demise Star.

N-1 Naboo Starfighter

First Look: The Phantom Menace

Just like the Sequel Trilogy, the Prequels introduced extra shade to the starfighters of the galaxy, enabled by extra superior expertise and symbolic of a galaxy that hadn't but fallen into the Darkish Occasions. The intense yellow, needle-tipped Naboo fighters serve the identical position because the X-Wings within the Unique Trilogy, because the entrance line fighters of the Naboo forces. They have been utilized by the native Naboo Royal Safety Forces however have been greater than able to taking out a Commerce Federation droid management ship.

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Kylo Ren's Upsilon-class Command Shuttle

First Look: The Power Awakens

We do not really see Kylo Ren's command shuttle in a lot of the motion in The Power Awakens, regardless that it comes geared up with twin laser cannons. However when it does come down for a touchdown, like a hawk descending on its prey, it is without doubt one of the coolest sights in your complete movie. Its foldable wings put the Upsilon-class shuttle in the identical household because the Lambda, which is greater up on this checklist. The successful attribute of the ship is simply how menacing it appears. It mainly personifies Kylo Ren's vicious model of evil. 

Ebon Hawk

First Look: Knights of the Previous Republic (Sport)

Whereas the Ebon Hawk shares a few of its flattened UFO form with the Millennium Falcon, its position because the literal flagship of the Knights of the Previous Republic video games matches the Falcon in one other key manner too: the ship turns into nearly like a personality in its personal proper. Each Darth Revan and the Jedi Exile used this ship on their journeys throughout the galaxy. The participant spends hours there attending to know the crew and making ready for the struggle both for or in opposition to the Sith. Previously the weapon of a criminal offense lord, Ebon Hawk is put by means of its paces too, with turret weapons highly effective sufficient to tear aside Sith starfighters.

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Scimitar Sith Infiltrator

First Look: The Phantom Menace

Darth Maul’s starship didn’t get plenty of display time, however its black paint and folded wings give it the angle of a swooping chook of prey, including to the Sith Lord’s fearsome look in The Phantom Menace. The Scimitar received some extra display time within the Star Wars comics, the place it was lately the location of certainly one of Lando Calrissian’s adventurous heists. One thing else we by no means see within the movie is the ship’s stealth capabilities, which could have allowed it to get out and in of the blockade over Naboo. The curved wings are paying homage to later TIE fighters.

Interdictor Star Destroyer

First Look: Rebels

The Interdictor Star Destroyer was the following step in Imperial expertise on Star Wars Rebels. Whereas packing the punch of a Star Destroyer, it may additionally drive ships out of hyperspace utilizing its gravity effectively mills. The Interdictor modified the best way the Insurgent fleet had to consider their actions. Though it’s nonetheless mainly not possible to detect the place precisely a ship is from hyperspace, with Interdictors in use in a blockade, the Imperials didn’t should—they may simply tug out any ship that approached them, after which carry the Star Destroyer’s armament into play. In Legends, the Interdictor was its personal class of Star Destroyer. Issues appear to be progressing barely otherwise—or a minimum of at a distinct price—within the new canon, with experimental gravity effectively projectors affixed to an current Star Destroyer in Rebels.

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Photo voltaic Sailer

First Look: Assault of the Clones

Depend Dooku and Asajj Ventress each use these elegant ships on their solo journeys throughout the galaxy. Dooku's photo voltaic sailer makes for a colourful, surprising visible within the Prequels, because it unfurls its reflective sail. These ships needed to be small, due to the best way they operated. Photo voltaic sailers used lasers and tachyon streams pushing in opposition to the sail to propel themselves. Additionally due to this, the sails needed to be huge to be able to allow the vessel to enter hyperspace, making this sort of ship uncommon and tough to provide. Their distinctive look units them aside from the rest ever seen in Star Wars, although, and provides Ventress and Dooku plenty of type factors.

The Fireball

First look: Resistance

Whereas the Fireball might not be probably the most dependable starfighter within the galaxy, it does deserve a spot on the checklist for being one of the crucial distinctive. In Star Wars Resistance, pilot Kazuda Xiono is tasked with fixing this starship up for the native races. It’s a puttering, ungainly ship with a shiny yellow paint scheme, usually seen trailing a cloud of smoke from the most recent mechanical situation. Each the ship and Resistance have their flaws, however the Fireball and the opposite ships within the present appear born proper from that a part of George Lucas’ mind that loved race automobiles. It’s like a primary automotive Kaz mounted up all by himself: not probably the most lovely or dependable of ships, however stuffed with character.

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First Look: Specter of the Previous

Talking of distinctive, one of the crucial unusual-looking starfighters in Star Wars doesn’t seem within the films in any respect. The Chiss Clawcraft that appeared within the Expanded Universe appeared prefer it sounded—swept-forward struts gave it the looks of clawed arms partially closed, all stemming from a spherical cockpit. These ships aren’t utterly alien, although. The symmetrical design missing aerodynamic wings appears just like the TIE fighter, however maybe extra wild, appropriate for a militaristic alien tradition. Chiss pilots—and the human Jagged Fel, who was born and raised in Chiss area—have been important throughout the Yuuzhan Vong wars that performed out in The New Jedi Order ebook sequence, and will maintain their very own in opposition to both X-Wings or the Yuuzhan Vong’s residing ships.

Zonama Sekotan Shuttle

First Look: The New Jedi Order sequence

Talking of residing ships, among the quickest ships within the galaxy got here from a residing planet. The New Jedi Order sequence was stuffed with all types of organic weirdness, beginning with the Yuuzhan Vong’s bioengineered expertise. The residing planet Zonama Sekot is like an inverse reflection of those villains, and so it has its personal residing weapons—ones that may be sculpted into ships that create a psychic connection to their pilots. Obi-Wan and Anakin received to know Zonama Sekot throughout the Prequel period as effectively, earlier than the planet disappeared for many years, taking its expertise with it.

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First Look: Shadows of the Empire

Corellian smuggler Sprint Rendar is clearly imagined to be a stand-in for Han Solo whereas he is nonetheless frozen in carbonite within the Shadows of the Empire multimedia occasion from the 90s. And the Outrider does the identical for the Millennium Falcon, all the way down to the acquainted cockpit design. The ship was designed by Doug Chiang, who later labored on designs for the Prequels and The Power Awakens. Whereas the Outrider is similar to the Falcon, it stands out for being an iconic ship for one particular story, one thing that does not occur usually in Star Wars, which has usually put our favourite Corellian freighter on the middle of its adventures. The Outrider was later edited right into a shot of the particular version of A New Hope.

Solar Crusher

First Look: Jedi Search

Whereas it is not a lot bigger than a starship, the Solar Crusher is without doubt one of the most devastating superweapons ever created, able to turning a star right into a supernova and destroying total star methods. And it is practically invincible because of Quantum-crystalline armor, which may repel any laser blasts and face up to any collision. This little ship ripped by means of the bridge of a Star Destroyer and even withstood a brilliant laser blast from a prototype Demise Star! Good factor the Empire by no means fairly received an opportunity to make use of this ship in opposition to the Riot...

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Outbound Flight

First Look: Survivor's Quest

Outbound Flight wasn't as a lot one ship because it was a mix of six Dreadnaught-class heavy cruisers related by a central fuselage. Whereas the design is cool sufficient, the ship's objective is much more charming: to enterprise into the Unknown Areas of the galaxy and seek for extragalactic life. Sure, this was mainly Star Wars' personal model of the Starship Enterprise, even when it was finally fated for a doomed expedition. This ship makes appearances or is talked about in a lot of author Timothy Zahn's Star Wars work.

Hammerhead-class Cruiser

First Look: Knights of the Previous Republic (Sport)

The Knights of the Previous Republic sequence is accountable for lots of the finest ships in Star Wars. This Hammerhead-class Republic cruiser is the second of three on this checklist. Each the Endar Spire and Harbinger are key ships within the video games, tied to the continued struggle between the Republic and the Sith. Few who've performed the video games can neglect working by means of the hallways of a doomed Endar Spire, because it gave in to the Sith assault. Or the approaching Harbinger, the ship piloted by Darth Sion, a Sith hell-bent on looking you down as soon as and for all.

Our all-time favourite Hammerhead second is when a bunch of them group as much as take down the Star Forge on the finish of the primary recreation. So good. This ship made its first new canon look in Star Wars Rebels episode "A Princess in Lothal."

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The Ravager

First Look: Knights of the Previous Republic II

The Ravager is superior as a result of it is barely capable of maintain itself collectively in any respect, however continues to be one of the crucial threatening ships in Star Wars. This Centurion-class battleship was utilized by the Republic throughout the Mandalorian Wars, which passed off earlier than the occasions of Knights of the Previous Republic. For all intents and functions, Ravager was left a carcass within the aftermath of the Battle of Malachor V. But it was Sith Lord Darth Nihilus who willed it to fly once more by utilizing the Darkish Aspect to energy it and maintain the ship collectively. With Ravager, Nihilus traveled across the galaxy, with the assistance of zombie Power slave pilots, feeding on the life power of unsuspecting planets. It's certainly one of KotOR II's scarier settings.

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