Star Wars: 9 Unanswered Questions in The Mandalorian

This Star Wars article incorporates spoilers for The Mandalorian.

With the primary season of The Mandalorian over and a second season coming subsequent fall, it is time to speculate on how the present connects to different Star Wars properties. The final episode dovetailed with a number of different components of the saga, however leaves questions, too.

Listed below are questions raised all through the primary season that do not have particular solutions simply but:

Who's the Armorer?

The Armorer, seemingly the Mandalorian tribe's chief, stays behind in the ultimate episode to guard the final vestiges of her individuals from the Imperial Remnant, and she or he’s well-equipped to do it. She’s expert in forging armor out of beskar metal, a priceless and uncommon skill. We additionally study that she's swift and expert with melee weapons however no nothing about who she actually is. It is a brand-new character, however some have questioned whether or not she is perhaps related to the bigger saga.

It’s exhausting to take a position on her age or face—we all know neither. (She's performed by Emily Swallow, who's 40). The solely clue to her origin is perhaps the horns on her helmet, that are positioned in a sample we’ve seen on Zabrak characters earlier than. Mandalorians taking in foundlings is a crucial (maybe an important) a part of the present, Dyn Djarin having been adopted by the tribe as a younger orphan, and Mandalorian is described as a tradition, not a species. So it is simple to see how she could possibly be Zabrak or one other species.

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One other risk is that the horns are a reference to the period when Maul (previously Darth Maul, the identical Sith from The Phantom Menace) dominated the Mandalorians by pressure. One among his allies was Rook Kast, a Mandalorian with horns on her helmet. They aren’t oriented in the identical method because the Armorers’, and she or he solely appeared in the four-issue comedian Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir. If the Armorer is Kast, it is a fairly deep reduce reference. 

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Who was the stranger teased on the finish of episode 5?

After bounty hunter Fennic Shand (Ming-Na Wen) meets her demise on Tatooine in episode 5, the ultimate scene teases a mysterious determine discovering and inspecting her physique. This individual wears noisy spurs in true Western style. Who is that this? It’s possible the reply will come in season two.

For now, fan hypothesis abounds. Is that this Boba Fett, the plain alternative for a cameo in a present about Mandalorians? A brand new bounty hunter who would possibly grow to be a serious villain in season two? Somebody affiliated with Moff Gideon? We simply don’t know but. What we do know is that the sound of spurs adopted Boba's each step in the Unique Trilogy...

The place is Din Djarin initially from?

The Mandalorian himself, now revealed to have been born with the title Din Djarin, was rescued from the Separatist assault that presumably killed his mother and father in the course of the Clone Wars. The season one finale provides a clearer have a look at his house planet, which has typical Star Wars aesthetics, with its domed-roof homes and distinct crimson robes for its individuals. This isn’t Mandalore: Din Djarin says himself that he isn’t Mandalorian by blood. However what planet it truly is stays unclear. The incontrovertible fact that Din was rescued by members of elite Mandalorian splinter group Dying Watch might imply that his homeworld was a minimum of beneath Mandalorian jurisdiction in the course of the time of the assault.

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The place are the remainder of the Mandalorians?

Din and his allies discover Mandalorian armor stacked in the key Mandalorian enclave, proof of an assault by Moff Gideon’s Imperial Remnant. Narratively, this scene is handled as if the Mandalorians are lifeless: beneath no different circumstance would they offer up their armor, and it is established all through the season that the Imperials needed to wipe out the Mandalorian race.

However beskar could be very priceless—the primary three episodes of the season drove that time house. So why would the Imperials depart the armor behind? Possibly the Mandalorians have been captured alive, the armor left as an indication. Or perhaps they're lifeless, the armor left as an act of terror. Both method, it appears Din is actually alone now.

The place is Child Yoda's house planet?

This is likely one of the most long-standing mysteries of the Star Wars universe. The place does Yoda’s species come from? George Lucas declared the reply off-limits. The solely clue that Yoda isn’t functionally a one-of-a-kind being comes from Yaddle, a facet character in the Prequels. The Armorer instructs Din Djarin to search out Child Yoda’s individuals, if he can, and to behave as his father in the meantime.

This presents a conundrum: will The Mandalorian be the primary Star Wars property to clarify the place Yoda got here from? If the kid is a clone, does he successfully don't have any house world? Or will the planet of the Yodas stay a thriller without end, with Din Djarin looking for one thing he’s by no means going to search out? 

What did Moff Gideon need with Child Yoda?

With the looks of Moff Gideon, the Consumer and the physician he employed can each be seen in a barely totally different gentle. They have been simply step one on the best way to the higher evil, Moff Gideon and his Imperial remnant.

We nonetheless don’t know what Dr. Pershing, who wears an emblem paying homage to the cloners of Kamino, needed with the Baby. It’s implied that the kid a clone, however is he really a clone of Yoda?

Moff Gideon doesn’t have an Emperor to serve anymore, however is clearly in appearing as if the Empire by no means fell, and utilizing the trimmings of the Jedi alongside the best way. May he be a part of the plan Emperor Palpatine put in place after his dying, which is able to ultimately result in the occasions of The Rise of Skywalker? Possibly the infant’s creation exhibits {that a} Pressure-sensitive clone is feasible, which opens the potential of the Emperor residing on in a clone physique.

In fact, it is unclear whether or not the Emperor working in the Sequel Trilogy in any respect or if Palpatine saved himself alive via another type of Sith magic. It is attainable that the Empire experimented with a number of strategies of resurrecting its chief.

How did Moff Gideon purchase the Darksaber?

When final we noticed the Darksaber, it was in the arms of Bo-Katan Kryze, anti-Imperial chief of Mandalore. Solid by a legendary Mandalorian Jedi, it’s been an emblem of energy for the warring clans of Mandos for generations. Kryze wouldn’t let it go simply, so it’s attainable the Empire or Imperial Remnant put down your complete Mandalorian revolt to retrieve the weapon, prefer it did the beskar.

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Gideon’s use of the Darksaber is a chilling instance of a conquerer utilizing a trophy weapon towards the individuals he’s attempting to destroy. However how precisely he obtained it, or what occurred on Mandalore in the course of the Unique Trilogy period, has but to be absolutely explored. 

What's Cara Dune’s historical past?

The finale revealed a key piece of details about former Insurgent shock trooper Cara Dune: she hails from the destroyed planet of Alderaan. This provides her loads of causes to wish to combat the Empire. However components of that historical past are nonetheless obscured.

When did she be part of the Rise up? Why precisely did she depart? Cara Dune has grow to be a fan favourite character, and extra tales about her can be a enjoyable method to present extra elements of the Rise up and what it grew to become after the autumn of the Empire. 

What's the state of the New Republic?

Becoming for a present set in and across the Star Wars underworld, the New Republic authorities shouldn't be an enormous a part of The Mandalorian. The closest we get is the jail ship and its X-wing pilot safety crew. The relaxation has been detailed in some novels: we all know that shortly earlier than The Mandalorian takes place, the New Republic formally received the warfare on the Battle of Jakku. A lot later, Leia Organa will type the Resistance in the novel Bloodline, which additionally sheds gentle on New Republic politics. However how the New Republic instantly impacts the lives of these residing in Mando's nook of the galaxy stays to be seen.

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