Star Wars Day, Disney launches a revolutionary lightsaber that really works!

He couldn’t have chosen a better day than May 4th, for all fans it is Star Wars Day, Disney to present a new project, already anticipated in recent weeks, which will leave everyone speechless. The iconic lightsaber held by the heroes of the saga, in fact, has become a reality, and will be available from 2022.

In fact, next year it will be launched Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, an interactive experience reserved for visitors to the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. The guests of the park, in fact, will be involved in a two-day and two-night adventure, in which they will travel around the galaxy aboard the cruiser Halcyon, and interacting with the crew, the characters and other passengers will determine, as in a crossroads story, the future of the universe Star Wars.

The most succulent aspect for fans of the franchise, however, lies in the novelty announced on Tuesday 4 May. While Samuel L. Jackson also celebrates Star Wars Day and Disney + launches a crossover with the Simpsons, news arrives of the realization of the perfect lightsaber: patented in 2017, very different from the traditional gadgets seen so far, it is a (almost) perfectly functional weapon.

At the bottom of the news, the tweet of Ben Ridout, an expert virtual reality developer, briefly explains what is possible operation of the lightsaber: the mechanism resembles that of a retractable tape measure. The blade consists of two coils of translucent material, which are coiled when the sword is “out”, and project light when it is in action. It goes without saying that every collector and fan of the Star Wars hopes to have one soon.

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