Star Wars, Jack Black is hilarious in a video dedicated to #RevengeoftheFifth

After giving life to the mythical in its own way Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Grievous last May 4 for Star Wars Day, re-proposing their fight to the death in Revenge of the Sith, for the following day, May 5, also known as #Revengeofthefifth, Jack Black he thought of another hilarious gimmick.

We are faced with a less constructed but still extremely direct and fun movie compared to the previous viral social work of the beloved and followed interpreter, musician and voice actor. Black’s idea is that of ironically use force to attract the viewer to himself of the video to then swing a red lightsaber from Sith that cut screen video to show below the exact same video and the exact same sequence, creating a hypnotic loop effect and fascinating.

While not established in the official canon of Star Warsa franchise celebrations, il Revenge of the Fifth Day is a way that fans have invented to lengthen the celebrations of the most loved and followed sci-fi saga in the history of cinema, and the thing it has caught on so much in the last two or three years that many established stars like Black have started sharing themed content appropriate for the day.

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