Star Wars, Kevin Feige will lead Lucasfilm soon? Disney’s declarations are coming!

If you are passionate about the Star Wars, you may know that the president of the Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy is not the most popular person among fans at the moment, and she has been talked about several times in the past Kevin Feige as his possible replacement to lead the company.

The president of Marvel Studios, responsible for the most successful franchise in film history, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, able in a few years to establish himself as one of the best producers ever, after all he has already been recruited by Lucasfilm to make a future Star Wars film, of which the details are not yet known. But according to some this project will represent the Feige’s first step towards conquering power at Lucasfilm too.

Now, however, new backstories have emerged: in a new Variety publication, it is reported that all the different executives of the studio who report to Disney (as well as Jim Morris of Pixar) Kevin Feige is absolutely regarded as “the most essential”, thanks to the success of the MCU both in theaters and on Disney +, but also reiterated that he will not become the new leader of Lucasfilm.

After it was announced in 2019 that Feige would produce a Star Wars movie, it was rumored that he could take greater control of Lucasfilm.“writes Variety.”However, insiders say Feige is fully committed to his Marvel duties and has no ambition to lead Lucasfilm.“.

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