Star Wars, Mark Hamill reacts to Harrison Ford’s hilarious video and the magic trick

Remember the video Harrison Ford struggling with a magic trick? Going viral a few months ago thanks to TikTok, the footage has now also been noticed by Mark Hamill, who commented on Twitter on the hilarious reaction of his former Star Wars co-star.

“Look at his reaction to someone who should be a wizard (but he’s clearly an evil sorcerer), and then he tells him exactly where to go,” wrote the Luke Skywalker actor.

The video in question dates back to a few years ago, when an illusionist managed to amaze Ford so much that he got a nice “Get out of my house, f ** k”. His name is David Blaine and you probably know him as one of the most famous magic experts in the world: on his resume there are feats that have seen him catch a bullet of a .22 caliber with his teeth or survive forty-four days in a plexiglass cage on the Thames, drinking only water. . In 2013 he was the protagonist of a broadcast, in which we saw him perform at the homes of many stars, including Ford himself.

In the video, which you can find at the bottom of the news, we see the magician who asks Ford to think about a particular card, Shortly after having warned him that the card is no longer present in the deck, the fun comes: Blaine asks the actor to reveal the card he thought of, choose a random fruit from those available on the Ford counter and cut it in half, revealing the 9 of hearts inside an orange.

About the interpreter of Han Solo, we remind you that Ford will soon return as Indiana Jones for the fifth chapter directed by James Mangold.

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